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A Look At The Seahawks Wide Receivers Group.

In 2017 most of the Seahawks fans criticised the quality of the wide receiver core, a lot of drops, lack of separation, and most importantly, most of the times there was a lack of synch between Russell Wilson as his receivers. As of right now I think most Seahawks fans aren’t very hopeful as they’ve just lost Paul Richardson to the Washington Redskins. However they’ve already acquired Marcus Johnson from the Michael Bennett trade and been linked with players like Jordy Nelson (who was recently cut by the Packers to make room for former Seahawk Jimmy Graham) and Jaron Brown (former Cardinal). Those players could bring something to the the table but will they significantly improve the overall quality of the wide receiver core? That’s something I’ll be looking to answer at the end of the article. 

Before I talk about possible signings, let’s look at what the Seahawks have in house.  The first thing that pops out looking at this chart is that this position is actually a bigger need than it …

Should Miami Work Out A Long Term Deal With Landry?

Jarvis Landry has recently been franchise tagged by the Miami Dolphins, they have until July 15th to sign a long term deal, but question is: should they sign him or trade him?
Before we get into his play, I want to state that from the research I’ve been doing I saw that Landry is willing to sign for $14.5 million per year and, bar the incentives, it tells me: sign him up! But has he shown enough to earn that much? Because comparing this contract to Antonio Brown’s there’s only $2.5m difference.
So, is he worth the money? Let’s have a look.

4 years, 4038 yards, 400 receptions in 570 targets (that’s 70,17% of his targets being hauled in), 22 touchdowns, 57 starts over 64 possible games. Jarvis Landry had two 1000+ yards season before this past year. This year he was just 13 yards away from having 3 straight one thousand yards season, and let’s not forget he played without his starting QB, Matt Moore and Jay Cutler played the whole season with Cutler playing 14 out of the 16 games and yet…