Ranking Week 1 Seahawks Players

This article will be my opinion on Seahawks players in relation to how they played against the Green Bay Packers.

As you guys know, the Seahawks suffered a gutting loss away at Green Bay in a shocking offensive performance and, I'd say, an A+ defensive performance.

So, I'll be grading most players that played that game from 1 to 10 and I will give a short explanation as to why I gave them that grade.

Let's start on offence:


Russell Wilson: Russ didn't have a great game, I think he had a decent showing, given everything that happened, I think he made enough plays to keep us in the game but there just simply wasn't enough time for him to do what he needed to do. He had two overthrown passes that would have been touchdowns, but again, he didn't set himself like he had to and missed those opportunities, now I believe he'll bounce back, he was a big reason why we stayed in this game, but it's hard for me to give him a good grade. His game stats are 14 completions out of 27 attempts, with a 51.85% completion percentage, he passed for 158 yards, ran twice for 40 yards and got sacked 3 times. I'd grade him 6 out of 10. I can't give him more than that without a touchdown.

Offensive Line

Rees Odhiambo: Rees played 49 snaps on offence, just like every starting lineman, so, Joeckel, Britt, Glow and Ifedi all played 49 snaps, with Glowinski playing 8 ST snaps. Knowing that he had to fill in for George Fant I was expecting an obvious drop-off, despite Fant not being our most liked player he was still good, given all the circumstances. Now, I do believe that Rees is a good player, much better than what we have seen so, I do trust him to fill in for Fant quite well. However, this game we saw a lot of mistakes by the 2nd year player, most of them on the run game, simply because his run blocking just isn't good and the fact that Graham missed a lot of assignments didn't really help. On pass blocking Rees did well, he had bad snaps, like every other Seattle O-lineman but I thought overall he didn't do a bad job, there's a sack on the first drive that forces a 4th down, but I do believe that not only does Rees trip over Luke that also the TE didn't help block at all. Plus 0 holding calls and 0 false starts is something to keep in mind. Overall it wasn't a terrible game. I would grade him 6 out of 10 simply because playing on Russ' blind side I think he did an okay job, we didn't lose because of him.

Luke Joeckel: Luke, Luke, Luke.. I was expecting more out of him, I thought his game wasn't terrible but I also don't think he was an upgrade over Glow (on the left side). I'm not sold on him, I'm not quitting on him but I do have my questions. I believe he's a good player, he had a tough match up against Daniels (that killed all the players in our offensive line) and he gave away one of the WORST plays of the game that set up a Ty Montgomery touchdown after a Russell Wilson fumble. Joeckel was beaten bad on some plays, he looked lost in assignments sometimes and just didn't help Rees enough as well, looking obvious that it'll take some time for those two to gel. I would grade him a 4 out of 10. Mostly because of what I was expecting of him and he just simply didn't deliver, not even close.

Justin Britt: Britt came off a pro bowl year, he got a new contract, just like we wanted, and played ok, to be honest, it's not easy to judge a center just by watching the game once but I got the idea he wasn't bad, he couldn't run block though, and that didn't help in the run game, but other than that there wasn't a lot of interior pressure. I think he tried helping both Glow and Joeckel so, I don't put a lot of the blame on him, I think it was a solid C performance. I'd grade him 6 out of 10.

Mark Glowinski: I don't know what to tell you guys about Glow, to be totally frank I think he's a very subpar offensive lineman, especially on the right side, I think he's more comfortable on the left side, he makes a lot less mistakes there so, keeping him on the right side is a waste for me. He had a terrible game, he couldn't handle the bull rush, his pass pro was just, simply not good enough and while run blocking didn't help either it was a bit better. I'd grade him 4 out 10.

Germain Ifedi: Ifedi, praised today by Tom Cable as the best lineman in this game, didn't look bad, rewatching the offensive snaps and paying attention to him, it did look like Ifedi had an average game, pass blocking was ok and run blocking was probably a bit better, however there's a 3rd down, right in the middle of the 2nd quarter where he just gets destroyed with ease,a simple bend and the defensive end was gone, but still despite that, I might agree with Cable. I'd grade Ifedi 5 out of 10.

Running Backs:

Chris Carson: Chris didn't play a lot, just 26 snaps, but impressed me every time he touched the ball. He, in my opinion, is the future running back of the Seahawks. Not enough snaps to grade though, but if I had to, I'd grade him 7 out of 10.

Eddie Lacy/Procise: The same goes for both of these guys, but especially Lacy (only played 7 snaps). Neither impressed a lot. Eddie still looks like his weight might be an issue, but the running game never really got started for me to say. As for C.J, he played 20 snaps, we didn't use him on passing plays, I can't grade either.

Wide Receivers:

Doug Baldwin: Baldwin had his stable game. He was Seattle's best wide out, with 4 targets and 4 receptions for 63 yards, 15.75 yards per reception. He's a viable chain mover and a big play player. His amazing catch in the final minute of the second quarter to put Seattle in field goal range was huge. He was the wideout with the most snaps at 43. I'd grade him 8 out of 10.

He couldn't do much more than what he did, no drops, big plays, great teammate.

Tyler Lockett: Lockett returned from injury and had a good game, not a lot of grabs, just one for eight yards but he got open on a deep throw that should have a been a TD had Wilson not overthrow it. He also did a solid job in the return game and always looked threatening with the ball. I can't give him more than a 6 out of 10 though to the lack of plays he had, playing only 36 snaps with 10 of those coming from ST play. I expect him to have a bigger impact next game against San Fransico.

Paul Richardson: PRich is always a reliable pass catcher but again, he had a limited number of passes to catch, he caught 4 out of 7, some of those targets were balls that Russ intended to throw away, some were miss communications with Richardson running the wrong route. Still, he managed to get 59 yards in just 4 catches proving to be a good chain mover. He also played almost as many snaps as Doug Baldwin with 42. I'd grade him 6 out of 10.

Like Lockett, I expect Richardson to have a big game vs SF.

Tight Ends:

Jimmy Graham: Jimmy Graham had one of his worst games as a Seahawk in my opinion. From dropping passes to not being able to block, to the defensive pass interference call in the end zone. He just didn't get it going. He played a total of 40 snaps getting 7 targets with 3 receptions for 8 yards. You need more out of your tight end, especially when he earns as much as Jimmy. However, I'm not too worried because I know what he's capable of and I know he could easily bounce back next game and have 5 or 6 receptions for 100+ yards. I'd grade him 4 out of 10.

Vannett/Willson: Like I did with Lacy and Procise, these two just didn't play enough for me to grade. Willson had 17 snaps while Vannett only had 8. People are begging us to trade Graham, I'm begging us to keep him. We can't expect these backups to fill in for such a big player when they're barely targeted. We know Willson's ceiling and it's not great. As for Vannett, I hope he takes over the number 2 role soon.


Defensive Line:

Sheldon Richardson: Big boy Sheldon was disruptive, alongside Earl Thomas he was the best defensive player on the team, he was always trying to make a play and he's an unblockable monster through the inside, a beast that we've missed for years now. Sheldon played 54 snaps, during those snaps he got 4 tackles for loss and pressured Rodgers a lot, he's a game changer. I'd grade him 7 out of 10.

Michael Bennett: MB looked a bit off at times, It's impossible for him to be totally in the game after what happened in Vegas, yet he still played 66 snaps and contributed with 1 and a half sacks, 2 tackles for loss and 1 tackle (assisted). Besides the stats he was always a force to be reckoned with, whether he was on the outside or inside, it didn't matter. I'd grade him 8 out of 10.

Frank Clark: Frank Clark, we got the luck of having an NLF starting quality defensive end in as rotation. Frank last year was an absolute monster, a terrific pass-rusher with a nasty spin move. The first play in this game he does that spin move and applies the pressure on Rodgers that forces him out of the pocket and throw an incompletion. His presence is felt immediately and when you have Bennett, Avril, Sheldon and you still have to worry about Frank Clark.. things will open up, stunts can and will be used regularly, alongside linebacker blitzes, this defensive line is great.

Frank had a good game playing a total of 46 snaps, getting half a sack and a tackle. I'd grade him 7 out of 10.

Cliff Avril: Cliff Avril is another monster. He is one of the fastest defensive ends I've seen, he bends the edge with such ease, he forces double teams and he's disruptive. Teams worry about him, leaving spaces open for others, I mean the Seahawks got a total of 4 sacks against one of the better offensive lines in the league, I can only imagine what will happen against sub par opponents. Cliff played 58 snaps, getting 1 sack and one tackle. I'd grade him 7 out of 10.

Jarran Reed: Reed played 48 snaps, he's a run stuffer, doesn't get a lot of interior pressure, but he's vital to stop the run. I thought he did just that getting 2 tackles for loss. Again, he doesn't produce highlights but he's a very important player to Seattle. I'd grade him 7 out of 10.

Nazair Jones: Not much to report on Naz. I thought he had a good game, a nice rotation player that got a pick six stolen from him. Besides that, he didn't impact the game with sacks or tackles for loss but he was still a good player, especially in the rotation. With 24 snaps played I expect Naz to continue to make an impact every game, whether it's big or small. I'd grade him 6 out of 10.


Bobby Wagner: Wagner, we know what to expect from him. Another big game getting 9 tackles in his first game of the season against a very formidable opponent. There's not really much to say, he just beasted it out like he normally does, I didn't find any mistakes the linebackers made besides the fact that 1 of them should have spied AR in 3rd and long situations as he picked up a few first downs that way. Bobby played 82 snaps and was on the field constantly, high motor, didn't miss a beat. I'd grade him 8 out of 10.

K.J. Wright: K.J had a good game. Pretty much the same as Wagner's, 82 snaps, 9 tackles. Yeah, pretty similar game, both held their own quite well. We didn't give away any big runs thanks to them.. solid game, really. I'd grade him 8 out of 10.

Terence Garvin: Terence Garvin took over the 3rd linebacker role for me. He was a solid player in preseason and continued to show his worth against the Packers, not being a player you'll notice too often, he sneakily ended the game with 31 snaps played 1 sack and 2 tackles. Most will realise he was the 12th man on the field when the Packers got their only passing touchdown but that's due to fatigue and poor planning. I think Garvin had a solid debut next to Bobby and K.J. I'd grade him 6 out of 10.


Shaquill Griffin: Shaq, Quill.. however you want to call him. The kid was a beast. Rodgers threw and threw and threw at Quill and he never gave away too much. They got away with some simple curl routes but that was really it, every time he got tested deep he broke up the pass nearly getting an interception in one of those plays. For a guy that wasn't even supposed to start, he played a brilliant game. He was on the field for 77 snaps. Pro football reference says he only got 1 pass deflection, I believe it was more than one, but still 1 PD and 10 tackles is a great debut, especially against Aaron Rodgers. I'd grade him 9 out of 10.

Shead's injury and Lane's ejection was the Kickstarter that Shaquill needed and I wouldn't be surprised if Pete never looks back.

Richard Sherman: Not much to report on Sherman. To be honest, he played his game, not a lot of passes his way, his tackling was clean as always, a very solid performance because he isn't tested much either. He played 82 snaps and finished with 2 tackles. I'd grade him 6 out of 10.

Justin Coleman: Coleman stepped up after Lane got ejected. He played mostly as a slot corner and did a very good job. He played 41 snaps, probably more than what Pete wanted but he still handled the job well, he looked the part, he understands what this defence is about and he's going to be one heck of a player. He might not shine for the casuals, but the hardcore football fan will know him quite well. With one pass deflection and an overall solid performance, I'd grade him 7 out 10.

We also seem to have found our answer for the slot corner.


Kam Chancellor: Kam had a good game, he didn't pop out too much, but he played his game, I would have expected a few more big hits but he was solid in coverage, solid tackling, he did well. Having the LOB back together is huge, it shows how long we can hold up without conceding a touchdown. If we want to win the Superbowl then keeping Kam and Earl healthy is the key. He played 82 snaps this game getting a total of 4 tackles. I'd grade him 7 out of 10.

Earl Thomas: Returning from a brutal injury, a broken league. ET plays this game like he hasn't missed a beat, he played all 82 defensive snaps and he played like he always does, reading the plays before they happen, always tackling well, always breaking up long passes, helping out Shaq. He was the MVP in this game. Earl Thomas was just everywhere. He racked up 11 tackles, yes the most out of everyone, he got that interception that was called back (for offside). Earl Thomas is just simply the best safety in the game, not even a broken leg has even slightly hampered that. I'd grade him 10 out of 10.

Honourable Mentions: Just, some players I didn't review because, it would be too many, but that played well and had a significant amount of snaps:

 David Bass and Bradley McDougal, both had some impact on the game, played a few snaps and both proved to be good solid backups.

Special Teams:

Blair Walsh: Blair had a good game, most of the returns that happened didn't even get back to the 25-yard line, there were a lot of touchbacks and he hit 3 clean field goals out of 3. I'd grade him 9 out of 10.

I don't give him a 10 because I believe the man I'll be talking about next deserves it the most.

Jon Ryan: Our punter played 9 snaps, I believe 3 of those are field goals snaps, so we punted 6 times. On all of those punts Jon managed to flip the field position. Green Bay couldn't get it rolling, not only because of our defence, but our punter was forcing them to start inside their 15 yard line in 90% of the punts, so, to me, to say a punter was man of the match is crazy, he still deserves credit and he was very important for this game to end as low scoring as it did. I'd grade him 10 out of 10, no question.

Overall I think everyone on special teams did well, the coverage team, the kickers. There were a few unfortunate penalties but I think that they were almost spot on. I'd grade our whole special team's crew 8 out of 10.

There were some ups, a lot of downs in this game. The offence didn't get it going, defence and special teams held us in the game, hopefully, next week against the 49ers, at home, we'll win and win comfortably.


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