Tedric Thompson Scout Report

Evey year the Seahawks look at players with a high upside hoping they hit at the NFL level and Tedric is the latest example of that. The best ball playing safety in the draft came to Seattle and under the tutelage of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, Tedric can become the next big thing in the Seahawks coveted Legion Of Boom.

Tedric Thompson is a 6ft 204lbs Safety that played 4 years at Colorado. Tedric played 46 games for the Buffaloes, racking up a total of 215 tackles (127 solo and 58 assists) with 7.5 being for loss, he had a total of 13 interceptions, 26 pass deflections, and 1 forced fumble. Despite those being solid stats, what really made people realize the solid player Tedric was this past season, he was part of one of the best secondaries in college football in 2016. Colorado got three out of four players selected to the second-team All-Pac-12 team. Thompson made the team after racking up a total of 63 tackles (42 solo and 21 assists) with 3 tackles for loss, 7 interceptions and 16 pass deflections. His last college year really showed what Tedric is able to do at the best of his ability and it leaves your mouth water thinking what he can do in Seattle next to the other members of the LOB.

When talking combine stats with my metrics guy he told me to not keep my hopes up for Tedric to a perennial pro bowler. He said that he might be a starting safety and even make one or two pro bowls but that he'd never be ET level, which, to be honest, it's a really high level. Tedric had a below average 40-yard dash, his flexibility is in the 40th percentile of all free safeties (no safety has ever made multiple pro bowl appearances with below 85th percentile) and also his explosiveness tested lower than what you look for on an elite Satefy, but according to my friend it was "much closer to the threshold than the flexibility".
And when I asked him a bout a pro comparison he did state that "to be fair Dwight Lowery is a pretty strong comp for him" but as we all know Dwight is good but not elite.
As for Thompson's mock-draftable comparisons, it's not good with several "no names" but combine numbers aren't everything.
So, Tedric, the metrics are against you, but you can still prove them wrong.

My idea of Tedric before watching his tape was that he was a solid coverage player with good ball skills and questionable tackling. His off the field personality made hope that he was good on the field and thankfully, he was. Drafting Thompson on the 4th round was a hit. I don't think he'll produce less than a 4th round pick, I actually expect for him to produce more than a 4th round player and here's why.

Strengths : 

Tedric has an uncanny ability to attack the ball. Being a former wide receiver in high school he has the hands to able to catch most picks. He knows when to bat the ball away or try and get the interception. He's got a solid sideline to sideline speed allowing him to get to either side of the field quickly to make the play, although he sometimes relies too much on his corner.
He's very solid in either man and zone defence studying a lot of ET tape.
He's an aggressive player always trying to find the action, especially when the ball is in the air.

Weaknesses :

Lacks tackling ability despite not shying away from the plays. Yes, perhaps Tedric's biggest weakness is tackling, he whiffs a lot of tackles making the wrong call or being destroyed by a block. He's also not the greatest tackler on downhill plays (whenever the running back escapes the second level) so he lacks the ability to be an "eraser" at least so far in his young career.
He's also too eager to jump routes at times being very susceptible to bait routes, especially when he's a single high safety position. I've seen him get beat because he focused too much on the quarterback's eyes and not the players around him.

Overall Tedric was the player I expected him to be before dwelling into the tape. He's a tremendously good player when it comes to playing the ball, he's got the sideline to sideline range, the football IQ but lacks the tackling ability and that big burst of speed. If this draft wasn't as deep on the secondary as it was I believe that Thompson could have gone higher (late 2nd or early 3rd).
I think the Seahawks will be happy with the pick as he's a low-risk high reward signing. He also seems to fit the Hawks defensive scheme as he's a very capable player in coverage, I definitely believe that despite the metrics Tedric can become an elite player if he cleans up his tackling.
The fact that Seattle signed former Bucs Safety Bradley McDougald also means that Tedric will have a limited time on the field. That should allow him to clean up some of his mistakes and become a viable second option next year and possibly become the heir of Earl Thoma's spot if he can beat his tackling and metrics issues.


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