Mike Tyson Scout Report

The Seahawks got me hyped when they drafted a total of 4 defensive backs, a clear position of need. I wasn't sure on who to write on first so I decided to make a twitter poll to see who you guys would like me to start with. I want to point out that every single one of those guys is unique so it should be an awesome experience to see how each one of them can improve this team since day 1.

As you can see Mike Tyson (no, not that one!) won the poll so he's the first guy I'll be talking about, as for those that lost I will obviously be doing them, they will come in their poll order (Shaquill, Hill and them Thompson). Before I get on with it I just wanted to thank Mike for following me on twitter! You already won me over outside of the field, can you do it inside? Here's hoping!

Mike Tyson is a safety that played his college career in Cincinnati, he's 6ft1 204lbs and a beast of an athlete, a solid tackler and a player with decent ball hawking ability. Mike spent his 4 college years in Cincy and he recorded the following stats.

From what you can gather from his college stats he's a highly impressive athlete with a good upside. 137 total tackles in four year with 7 interceptions and 11 pass deflections? For a sixth round pick ? I'd say that's very good, obviously the Seahawks are going to try and convert him into an outside corner (and it looks like it might be a success as Pete Carroll said Tyson reminded him of Byron Maxwell) so he'll need to adapt to a new technique but he seems to be willing enough and I won't rule him out, specially when Shaq said that Tyson "has learnt really fast" and "won't have a problem" adapting to his new position, also he seems to be helping out Mike too! So that's good. 


 I thought it'd be interesting to look at Tyson's combine numbers and pro comparisons and I'm going to be honest here, I'm very impressed. Mike tested close to players like Reggie Nelson (Top 100 player in 2016) or other guys that had the potential to be good, solid player like Todd Johnson or Husain Abdullah that had a pretty solid career that ended too soon because of concussions and perhaps the funniest of the comparisons is to Marquand Manuel, the current DC for the Falcons used to be a Seahawks player that after his retirement came back to Seattle to start out as a an assistant special teams coach then an assistant secondary coach and now he's on in Atlanta, funny eh? 


I'm not going to lie, the tape on Mike is extremely limited, a few highlights on YouTube, a video on draft breakdown, so most of my thoughts will come from mini videos and some things I've read online that match what I thought of him. 
Strengths : Excellent tackler, he's fast to read plays and once he's on to a screen play he usually makes the tackle in the back field, this is very important because from what I gathered off (https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/) is that both AZ and SF (used Atl as an example for Kyle Shanahan) run a lot of short intermediate passes and if Tyson is able to read those plays with his good football IQ we can see rival teams go 3 and out a lot faster. Also whenever Mike petreteates the offensive line he usually makes it to the running back before they pass the line of scrimmage. With his experience working at the slot and good route anticipation Tyson can make a good transition to outside corner, despite the fact that he plays well in Zone he can also man mark as he's good at timing when to disrupt a pass, also from I heard on his minicamp presser he seems to value communication a lot. 
Weaknesses : Whenever he played in the slot he was always a bit slow to turn his hips and run, this can be costly against players like Tavon Austin but not a huge issue against players like Larry Fitzgerald that use other methods besides speed to create separation, also another small issue that comes is this is that he allows a nice bit of separation from his receiver on go routes. From what I gathered he can also become comfortable defending in zone which can allow for big plays of a route is ran differently from usual. Needs to be faster on locating the ball because whenever he takes a bit of time he allows the receivers to make adjustments to make the play. 


Overall I'm incredibly excited to see if Tyson makes the 53 man roster, he has an incredible upside and was a low risk high reward pick! What's not to like about that? If he can make a smooth transition to corner he'll be a good backup this year and maybe a starter for years to come, one thing is certain though, the Seahawks came into this draft needing an overhaul on an older secondary and if Shaq, Delano, Tyson and Thompson hit then the Seahawks have got themselves a very good new legion of boom. 

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