Ethan Pocic Scout Report

If you would have told me that the Seahawks were going to draft Pocic I would have said you were crazy, not because I don't like him more because I didn't think the Seahawks would! I already had my eye on this guy since december of last year. So it's nice to see that we picked him, with that said I think Pocic will be a tremendous addition because from what I saw he can bring things to this team both mentally and physically that we have been lacking. Ethan is a player that checks all boxes, and when it comes to Seattle he's their type of guy, versatile and hard working.

First of all, let's get to know Ethan Pocic. He is a 21 year old offensive lineman out of LSU. He's 6’ 6” and 310lbs, he played most of his college career at center but he can play all 5 positions on the line. He was regarded as one of the most versatile offensive linemen and was projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round, as you guys know the Seahawks picked Pocic with the 58th pick in the second round. I'd say that it's a good value for player pick.

Stats wise let's start with how many sacks and hits he gave up. Ethan Pocic didn't allow a sack or a QB hit in 2016, let me repeat that; Ethan Pocic DIDN'T allow a single sack or QB hit. Obviously working a center for most games makes it easier for you to not allow a sack or a hit but it's still a great feat, this stat means that Pocic was able to help the guards defend all types of rushes, double teams and stunts. Pocic was key at combating said stunts, he was integral at setting the protections on the line of scrimmage to ensure all defenders were blocked. He was also vital to stop any inside pass rush, which is something the Seahawks have been lacking massively. Reports are that Ethan will play RT, if that's the case then we see some continuity on the line as we keep Ifedi at RG. But obviously, there's a reason we got one of the most versatile lineman in this year's draft and that is to move him around whenever we see fit.

Pocic got a combine grade of 5.74, he was the 5th offensive lineman taken. Bolles was the first one off the board at #20 and he got a combine grade of 6.0, Ramczyk was the 2nd lineman off the board at #32 and got a 6.2, Cam Robinson was picked 2 picks later at #34 and got a 6.0 while Lamp that was taken #38 had 6.2. This is just a comparison on how they fared at the combine, Pocic was a bit behind all of those guys but given where he was taken and what he can bring us I wouldn't be too worried about these numbers.

 His closest pro athletic comparison is John St.Clair that had an average career but was solid for every team he played, hopefully Pocic can do better than John and be a franchise lineman. I mean, he has all the tools for it!

After watching Pocic's tape the first thing you notice is his ability to adapt and recognize stunts as well helping out his teammates when they're beat, he's very good at that mostly due to his intelligence and experience.

Strengths: Like John Schneider said when you're picking Pocic you're getting 2 or 3 players in one, he can line up anywhere on the line and do a pretty decent job at it. Although I do believe his best position is center, because with his intelligence and skill he could be the future "maestro" of the offensive line telling every player what to do and overall controlling the offense with Russell Wilson. Ethan was great at picking up stunts and double teams, most of the times he managed to help the guard defend against a stunt or assist on double teaming a defender, that is vital in the NFL because as you all know Seattle was very susceptible to stunts in 2016. Pocic also recognized when he was beat, he didn't freak out or tried to recompose himself, most of the times he just used his own weight to drop the defenders, something quite normal and instinctive yet most of our linemen failed to do during last season. He's also very good against the bulrush, when he sets his hands inside the defender's frame he manages to contain him quite well no matter if he's the strongest player or not thanks to his technique. Pocic is a patient player, he's not afraid to wait before committing to a block in the second level, that is crucial for Seattle's run game. He's got a fast lateral movement that allows him to pick up blitzes, again this is very important for us because we allowed several gaps between the line forcing Russell out of the pocket way faster than he should of or simply get sacked without mercy. He was also very good on blocking defensive linemen on screen plays and is overall a good player blocking down the field as he never looks lost or out of place. 

Weaknesses: He's a tall player so when he gets pushed off by the defender sometimes it causes him to lose his leverage, this isn't a big deal however because he tends to use the defender's own momentum against him and they normally end on the ground because of that. He has issues maintaining reach blocks (but to be fair most linemen that I watched do as well) and he's not the greatest lineman at pulling which could prove costly (at times) if he plays guards because our guards tend to pull the most. He also needs to play lower to avoid losing at the point of contact.

Overall like I said above I believe Pocic was a great addition. Being able to do a decent job in any position of the offensive line and having the physical and mental traits to be a franchise lineman I couldn't be more excited! All of Ethan's negatives can be worked on and as you noticed his strengths outshine the weaknesses so is there a reason to not be excited? I can't think about one. I truly think the Seahawks got a real steal with Ethan and he, alongside Luke Joeckel and Aboushi will prove to be upgrades on last year's offensive line.

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! You can find me on twitter using @Peter1678 


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