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Reviewing Marcus Mariota's 2016 Season

I wanted to write on an Oregon project and, just like how I did for Brandin Cooks and Oregon State.
I decided to write about Mariota. The 2nd year (going into his third) QB is seen as one of the future elite NFL players, but can he live up to the hype? I also want to give you all a heads up that this is my first ever quarterback article.. Well.. Let's get to it!

Mariota was seen as one of the best college prostects early in his career. Since 2008 the Oregon Ducks were a 10 win a season team with solid yet unspetacular players. That all changed when in 2011 Mariota commited to Oregon, and in 2012 the Freshman QB was already the starter, he was proving everyone that despite being a four star recruit he was bound to be something special. I have to praise the Ducks here because they were the only team to offer Marcus a schoolarship, and in 2014 when Mariota won the Heisman, stories were breaking as to why he didn't get offered schoolarships from bigger colleges and the main reaso…

The State Of The NFC East - Analysing The Eagles Offseason

The Philadelphia Eagles had a quiet decent season last year. Known for their passionate fans and the lack of a ring (sorry Eagles fans) in a divison with superbowl winners Dallas Cowboys (5x), New York Giants (4x) and the Redskins (3x) the Eagles will always be the underdogs but they are looking to switch the tide and become the dominant force of the NFC East. 
In the past 6 years the Eagles only won the conference twice, in 2010 (finished 10-6, they lost in the wildcard round against the superbowl champions Green Bay Packers 21-16) and 2013 (also finished 10-6 and also lost in the wildcard round 26-24 against the Saints). Since then the Eagles have failed to make the playoffs with Dallas winning the conference twice and Washington once. So, what can the Eagles do to make it to the playoffs? Well, first I want to take a look at their opponents.
Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are the front runners to win the NFC East again. Hitting the jackpot in last year's draft with Zeke and Dak th…

Mike Tyson Scout Report

The Seahawks got me hyped when they drafted a total of 4 defensive backs, a clear position of need. I wasn't sure on who to write on first so I decided to make a twitter poll to see who you guys would like me to start with. I want to point out that every single one of those guys is unique so it should be an awesome experience to see how each one of them can improve this team since day 1.
As you can see Mike Tyson (no, not that one!) won the poll so he's the first guy I'll be talking about, as for those that lost I will obviously be doing them, they will come in their poll order (Shaquill, Hill and them Thompson). Before I get on with it I just wanted to thank Mike for following me on twitter! You already won me over outside of the field, can you do it inside? Here's hoping!

Mike Tyson is a safety that played his college career in Cincinnati, he's 6ft1 204lbs and a beast of an athlete, a solid tackler and a player with decent ball hawking ability. Mike spent his 4 …

The State Of The NFC West

This is a part 1 of 2 about the state of the NFC West. I’m writting this post draft but pre camp, which means that a lot of players will get cut, a lot of undrafted players will make a name for themselves and a few free agents will still be picked up until the start of the season, so remember that when you’re reading this. I will be making a part 2 of this during the preseason when all of the squads are (mostly) set and give you my thoughts on which NFC West team is at the pole position to win the division then.

San Francisco 49ers

Notable Free Agents signed :

Brian Hoyer (QB) ;
Matt Barkley (QB) ;
Pierre Garçon (WR) ;
Earl Mitchell (DT) ;
Tim Hightower (RB) ;
Kyle Juszczyk (FB) ;
Malcolm Smith (LB) ;
Marquise Goodwin (WR) ;
Brock Coyle (LB) ;
Garry Gilliam (T) ;
Tim Barnes (C)
Robbie Gould (K).

Notable Free Agents lost :

Colin Kaepernick (QB) ;
Blaine Gabbert (QB) ;
Wilhoite (LB) ;
Antoine Bethea (S) ;
Phil Dawson (K) ;
Marcus Cromartie (CB) ;
Quinton Patton (WR).

I don’t want to sp…

What Brandin Cooks Will Bring To The Patriots

So, I wanted to get an article out that was related to Oregon State and at the same time would appeal to NFL fans, so I decided, why not talk about an OS prospect that just joined the 5 time superbowl champions New England Patriots? With that in mind, here we are! Welcome to my first ever non Seahawks article! Let’s get to it!

Before I tackle the real point of this article I always like to start with a “background check”. Brandin Cooks came into the NFL after a very good college career at Oregon State.

He got 3,272 thousand yars in 226 carries, his average yards per catch was almost 15, he also averaged 86 yards per game, rushing wise he did make an impact but unless you’re in a team like New England | ;) | the rushing game isn’t really important for a wide receiver. Overall Cooks finished his college career with 24 receiving touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns.
This made the Saints pull the strings to try and get Cooks, could you imagine the Brees and Cooks connection?! They probabl…

A Look At Frank Clark's Film

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever film article! Today I'll be looking at Frank Clark. My aim in this new article is to try to explain you how Frank improved after his first season in the NFL, with not only film but some pictures as well. The plays you'll see will be sacks and forced fumbles, in the future I'll be looking to implement plays where the player made an impact on the play that won't show up on the stats.

I want to start this article out by giving you some background on Frank Clark. Frank was, as you all know, drafted two years ago in the second round (#63). He came into the NFL after a successful college career at Michigan where he racked up 4.5 sacks, 42 total tackles (29 solo and 10 assists) with 13 tackles for loss in just 10 games. However he failed to replicate that form in his first year in the NFL where he had one forced fumble, 3 sacks and 15 total tackles.

This past year though Frank Clark looked like a different guy out there. He had 10 …