T.J Watt Scout Report


Number four on my list of scout reports is T.J Watt. Could he be a possible Seahawks target? Maybe, He's a young physical linebacker, if the tape confirms the stats and the draft falls the way they want there's a chance that Watt falls to the middle of the second round and then if the Seahawks wish to trade up they can get him bur I think he's seen as a top prospect and won't make it out of the first 15 picks of the 2nd round.

T.J is a 6ft4 252 lbs linebacker from Wisconsin. Brother of JJ Watt it's always hard to make your own path but that's what TJ is trying to do. Well for that to happen he needed to have a succesful college career and that he did. Watt played 22 games being only a starter this past season. In his two years at Wisconsin he racked up a total of 70 tackles (41 solo, 29 assits) with 17 of those being for loss, he also had 11.5 sacks and one pick six alongside 6 pass deflections and 2 forced fumbles so if the tape confirms his stats then we got a beast in our hands!


TJ's combine stats confirm that he's a monster athlete. And with mockdraftable's measurables you can see that TJ is quite athletic, as for comparisons Tyus Bowser is the player that tested the closest to TJ, wich is interesting as he's also a very good linebacker. But what about Khalil Mack over there? That's some good company ! Watt is obviously a raw player but the talent is there, if he tested close to Mack you can see that his ceiling is high.. He just needs to continue to work on his game and consistently improve.

After dwelving into some TJ tape I'd like to say that after one season of football this guy did really well! He's definitely a bit raw but the abilty is there, I feel like he's got a big future ahead of him and genes tend tell the truth right? If he polishes his game and stays consistent then TJ will become a future star in the NFL.
Strenghts : Crazy athlete with the possibility of getting bigger, can play both linebacker and DE meaning he can be used as a dual threat in a good defence, he could be used well in stunts for example. He's quick to understand when to disengage off his lineman and pursue the ball carrier, he also has a good rushing technique as he's able to push the lineman off and make him lose balance, this is very important because tackles in the NFL are mostly subpar and can't deal well with stunts or good pass rushers  (something that TJ can be), he's usual quick to win the leverage against the lineman provided he extends his arms and uses a good push-pull technique. It's also worth ponting out he's a good tackler and decent at zone coverage.
Weaknesses : Sometimes lacks the innicial burst to to win out of stance and could improve his effeciency as a DE pass rusher. Definitely could beef up and get stronger so he can win more often against linemen.


Overall I believe Watt is an early second round talent, yes he's got the ability, yes he's athletic but he's not NFL ready as other players to be considered in the first round, can he end up having a better career than a lot of first round talent in this draft? Sure, is he worth the risk? Maybe, I'd say if someone drafted TJ from the 25th to the 32nd pick most people wouldn't argue with that but I believe his range really is between the first 15 picks of the second round. Crazy talented but not very consistent with a huge physical upside, also has good tape and decent stats for a first year full time football player. That to me is a second round talent. Would I be annoyed if the Seahawks took him? Probably not, as I've written before I think we definitely need to go corner then linebacker / defensive end and TJ would fit both caregories, personally I'd prefer Bowser but Watt is a crazy talented kid and with the right coaching he'd thrive in the NFL. Oh! It's also worth noting that the Seahawks might end up not going linebacker early as they've just signed former 3rd overall pick from the 2013 draft  Dion Jordan and if PCJS believe he's the answer then linebacker won't be an early need in this year's draft.

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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