My Thoughts On Last Year's Seahawks Draft Class

I decided to write this a bit ago. I want to look back into our 2016 draft class and tell you how, in my opinion, we can improve it.

So let's start with our first round pick (#31) Germain Ifedi (RT)

Ifedi had a rough year, up until December he had given up 38 QB pressures (tied for 4th most), he was flagged a lot of times and despite his good run blocking his pass protection is terrible. Although Ifedi is playing out of position (he's a tackle) he was moved to an "easier" position at guard where he failed misarebly, I'm ready to give up on the Ifedi at RG experiment but not on the player himself. I trust him to have the ability to make a jump in his second season (and hopefully at RT). Also another thing that discourages Seahawks fans is that Ronnie Stanley, Laremy Tunsil, Jack Conklin and Taylor Decker had a much better year.

Jarran Reed  (DT) - 2nd round pick (#49)

Now this was a good pick-up! The Seahawks gave away their 2nd round and 4th round pick to trade up to draft Reed. He had a good year along side Rubin and McDaniel, Reed played 15 games racking up 1 and a half sack, 34 tackles (13 solo and 21 assists) and 3 pass deflections. The success we found in Reed is something we should continue to look for in this year's draft as I believe we should draft another talented DT in the early rounds specially with the loss of Tony McDaniel.

C.J Prosise (RB) - 3rd round pick (#90)

C.J was an interesting pick-up, he didn't do a lot this season thanks to his injuries but when was healthy he was defininitely a X factor in Seattle's offence as he racked up a total of 172 yards, in 30 carries, averaging 3 yards per cary, with his receiving yard CJ had a total of 208 yards and 1 touchdown in just 6 games. If Prosise manages to stay fit he'll allow the Seahawks to do a lot with him. 2nd round talent in the 3rd round? Yes, please.

Nick Vannett (TE) - 3rd round pick (#94)

Well, I honestly can't talk a lot about Vannett but right now he's a wasted pick. Let's hope he'll pick it up next season. Although I must say that since we had 3 third round picks I'm okay with a gamble on a pick or two.

Rees Odhiambo (LT) - 3rd round pick (#97)

Rees will be remembered for stomping on Russell Wilson allowing the Falcons to get a safety in the NFC divisonal game when he had to come in for Ifedi I believe. Well Rees isn't a RG, he didn't even play on the right side of the field in college! He was a left tackle and his movement is of a LT so I'm not too annoyed at the man, he just did what he's used to. Overall I didn't see a lot from Rees but it seems like PCJS are counting on him to compete for LT this year so he might prove to be a good pick in the end.

Quinton Jefferson (DT) - 5th round pick (#147)

The Seahawks traded up with the Patriots to get Jefferson (they gave up their 5th and this year's 4th round), Quinton got injured and only played 3 games this season as a back up, racking up 1 tackle. I got no idea what to expect from Jefferson but if the Seahawks traded up for him that means they have trust in his abilities.

Alex Collins (RB) - 5th round pick (#171)

Alex, in my opinion, is a good player and I'm scared what this Lacy signing might mean for him. He had a limited playing time but still managed to play in 11 games where he averaged 2 yard per cary on 31 rushes, he had a total of 125 yards and one touchdown. If possible I would like to keep him as he's a cheap backup. He'll never be more than that but it's always good to have capable backups.

Joey Hunt (C) - 6th round pick (#215)

Joey was a decent pick-up as he's a decent backup for a cheap deal. He came on for Britt against the Bucs but didn't play well. Could have been his first game nerves. One for the future.

Kenny Lawler (WR) - 7th round pick (#243)

Pratice squad player, Kenny didn't play any games this season but signed a reserve contract with the Seahawks.

Zac Brooks (RB) - 7th round pick (#247)

Obviously I don't have much to say about Zac. He was cut during pre season and was picked up by the Chiefs, after being released by them Brooks was picked up by the Seahawks where he was once again cut and he finished the season with the Denver Broncos where he signed a reserve contract in January.


Trevone Boykin- Currently our number 2 QB (At the moment he's facing drug charges (marijuana) in Texas so it's a very big possibility he's released in the near future, or it might already have happened when you're reading this)

DeAndre Elliott - Depth cornerback

Troymane Pope - Beloved RB, was a pre season beast.

George Fant - Last year's starting LT.. Yep..

Tanner McEvoy - A do it all player, he's a tall wide receiver that used to play QB. Had a big play against the Saints with a throw to Prosise. I liked him.

Tyvis Powell - No longer with the team but he was loved by all Seahawks fans, got waived when the Seahawks picked up Devin Hester for the playoffs after Tyler's injury. The Seahawks were looking to sign him if he cleared waivers but the Browns approached him and the Ohio native found himself back at home.

How to improve :

It's hard to say what can actually be improved from last year's draft although I think it's obviously that we should go defence heavy in the draft so I'm expecting the Seahawks to sign a DT; CB and Linebacker. As for the offence I'd expect us to get a TE and/or Wide Receiver alongside offensive linemen.
Seahawks current draft picks
1st round - #26
2nd round - #58
3rd round - #90 , #102 , #106
4th round - No pick ( traded to NE)
5th round - No pick (forfeited due to offseason violation)
6th round - #210
7th round - #226

I'd expect the Seahawks to trade at least one 3rd rounder for a 4th and possibly move out of the first round for an extra 3rd or 4th. It'd be interesting to see what the Seahawks have in mind for their first pick as that will shape up the rest of our draft.


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