Fabian Moreau Scout Report


Fabian Moreau my second prospect out of the five I'll be doing. Fabian was actually requested to me by a friend and I always have great joy in making these. Oh! I also hope you guys enjoyed my last report and this week's article on the Seahawks 2016 draft class, had a lot of fun writing that too.

Fabian Moreau is a 6ft 206lbs corneback from UCLA. He played 39 games in his four college years, Fabian racked up 149 tackles (99 solo 50 assists) with for 4.5 tackles for loss. He also got 2 forced fumbles, 21 pass deflections and 3 interceptions. He was mainly a press man corner at UCLA, he's got a good size and measurable but lacked ball hawking ability to get more interceptions over his college career with 1 interception per 63 targets which isn't bad but it could be much better, specially when you can see that Moreau has great athletism and could probably snatch more picks if he had better instincts.



Great speed, good measureables, good workout. Not like you can ask for more. It's interesting that Fabian tested close to Marshon Lattimore that is seen as the best corner in this class! It's also very encouraging to see Talib and long time starters Amukamara and Blackmon. So athletic ability wise Fabian's ceiling is quite high.
Also thanks to @bendixenNFL that told me about mockdraftable allowing me to show you guys Fabian's spiderchart about his combine and a comprison to the players that he tested closer to, always finding better ways to make these reports more in depth.

Unfortunately for him he suffered a torn pectoral at UCLA pro day which means he'll probably go in the 4th round the earliest. Maybe the Seahawks could swoop in and take him as he'd be a very good player and the tape confirms that Fabian is a stud, he's an explosive player with decent coverage ability but the athletism to show himself as a top NFL corner.
Strenghts : being a former running back he's got a good ability to re route himself when a player gets away from him so more often than not even when he's beat his receiver won't have a lot of space to make the catch, he's got good lateral quickness and agility allowing him to go up against superstar receivers. He's a patient player so he sticks to his man well, he's got a great burst of acceleration so you usual don't get a step on him and even when you he's got good enough recovery speed allowing him to catch up on blown plays. His upper body strength is really good so he can shove receivers or leave blocks well meaning it's hard to stop him from making a tackle on the play. Last but not least thanks to his great length he's got a good tackling ability. 
Weaknesses : receivers can trick Fabian into stopping his run when they move their head to locate the ball (even when they aren't looking to do that), also can't locate deep balls as well as he should which leads to big completions or touchdown plays. He's a limited defender and works best as a press man corner limiting the amount of teams he can work with (although most teams are now trying to implement Seattle's type of D with press man corners). Fabian needs to work on his instincts and needs to recognise open areas where the ball will probably go to so he can rack up more interceptions in his NFL career. Sometimes he loses track of his player when he's looking at the QB allowing blown coverages a lot and to make matters worst he's also had a lot of holding and pass interference calls.

Like I said, to me it's obvious that Fabian was a mid second round talent but due to his injury he might slide two or more rounds, it's bad for him but good for teams that need a depth player (for now) as Moreau is definitely a developmental player, he's not ready to start but he's not too far from being a superstar. He's got the traits you want in a number 1 corner, he's a great athlete and a hard worker, if he polishes his game, mainly work on his ball hawking ability and better coverage he can be a star. I would definitely not mind if the Seahawks took a shot on him in the 3rd round if they are comfortable with it.

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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