Deshaun Watson Scout Report


Deshawn Watson is number 3 on the list this week's prospect! He's the second QB I'm doing in this draft class. And before I get deep into the tape right now Watson has caused a bigger impression on me than Mitch but is he really better ? 


Deshaun Watson is a 6ft2 221lbs two time Heisman finalist and a CFP Champion from Clemson. Watson had an interesting college career because he's had a high number of interceptions but it's important to put those into context. Sometimes he throws picks because the ball sails, other time the DB just makes a good play and other times you see the receiver run the wrong route heck sometimes even the receiver drops an easy pass but of course it's never good to have a QB get picked off 17 times in 15 games but Watson has his upside, he finished last season with a high completion pertentage and 41 touchdowns hower that doesn't mean a whole lot when Blake Bortles has 69 touchdowns and 51 interceptions in his first three seasons. It's good that Watson has a lot of touchdowns but he needs to polish his game and clean up on the interceptions, only then can he be an elite QB.
But  that's not just all that you can see by these stats. You can see a 6ft2 quarterback with decent rushing stats meaning he can be a dual threat and in the NFL that will help you shape your offence because you'll have more plays to run thanks to his versatility.
As for a final point I'd like to say that Watson led Clemson to back to back CFL finals, he lost the first one but won the second, he proved to be a strong willed person thanks to that, he's got a winning mentality for sure.

Here are some examples of his interceptions, the gifs don't seem to work so I'll leave the link to each play :

Receiver (number 14) drops it )

DB making a good play (receiver isn't fast enough for the pass and the corner jumps it) ( )

Terrible pass ( )

I assume the receiver ran the wrong route otherwise you can see another terrible pass by Watson.  ( )


His combine stats. By far was the most impressive QB during workouts, he established himself as the top quarterback is this draft class.


After watching some tape Deshaun solidified his stat as the top QB in this class. The first thing you'll see on his tape is his leadership abilty with a calm posture no matter what the moment is, as for a negative that flies right at you is, like I said before his interceptions but that's nothing that can't be worked on.
Strengths : has a good pocket presence meaning he knows when to bail out when the pressure gets too much, only got sacked 32 times in 1,181 drop backs. He's not scared to get hit after delivering the ball allowing him to make the most of his time in the pocket, so it's pretty unsurprising that he has an history of being clutch in big games. Despite his good pocket presense he does know when to anticipate to throw, his good hip movement allows him to throw very fast balls with good accuracy. Several times you could see Clemson either let him run or throw near the end zone leaving the defence always off guard. 
Weaknesses  : can be tricked into throwing straight into the corner, he also sometimes doesn't let routes develop throwing the ball into the DB or out of bounds for no reason, unlike Mitch he doesn't trick safeties with his look as it's something he should work on, and on that note he gives himself away by looking at the receiver he's going to throw to (remember Kam picking off Wentz last season because of the same reason?). Watson also lacks vision from time to time and is bad at adapting on the fly if his initicial read isn't there so he can be in trouble in the NFL if he can't keep his composure.

To answer my question from the begining of the report. Yes, Deshaun Watson is clearly my number one quarterback in this draft class, he's better than Kizer, Mitch and Mahomes or any other QB the media is looking to overhype (*cought* Davis Webb *cough). I believe none of these QBs are top 20 picks but if you want to gamble on anyone do it on Watson as he's by far the most complete QB right now, does he have the highest ceiling ? Maybe not, but are you willing to waste a top first rounder on somoene that might never develop ? Worst case scenario Watson becomes the new Bortles or Hoyer or any other back up, and that means you got yourself either trade bait or a back up? I wouldn't risk that over some overhyped kid. Is Deshaun Watson a "right now" answer? Maybe not but nor was Carson Wentz, Jared Goff (who the Rams traded their future for (1 first rounder, 2 second rouders and a third rounder) something you won't do with Watson), Johnny Manziel and even EJ Manuel that were taken in the first round. Deshaun should be taken in the top of the second round but whoever takes him late first round will most likely get a good QB with a capabilty of being elite.

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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