7 Round Seahawks Mock Draft


So, It's currently the 22nd of April, I'm bored at home striving to find an idea of what to write until a friend asked me "Why not try to make a 7 round mock draft for the Seahawks?" And he left me thinking.. a few minutes later here I am writing this. I must state that this is what I hope will happen in this draft with a realistic feel to it but as we know the Seahawks like to surprise us so after I do mock my first pick I will mention what the Seahawks could do as alternatives.

#26 - Kevin King (CB)

Yes, yes I know everyone is already preparing themselves for the Seahawks not drafting King at 26 but I truly believe that if he's still on the board that the Seahawks will get him because he's simply the mold of a Seahawks corner and siding him next to Sherman could prove to be a deadly duo in the NFL.

Alternatives : Budda Baker (S) - Baker would be a great pick up, he's not the biggest of players but he can play safety, corner and slot corner, he'd fit what the Seahawks are trying to do now with McDougal and move to a defence with 3 safeties instead of 3 corners ; Obi Melifonwu ( S) - Big strong safety, lacks vision but is a hard hitter that the Seahawks liked specially at the combine where he clearly impressed ; Adoree Jackson or Teez Tabor (CB) - They also fit the Seahawks type of corner so they could be picked up by the Seahawks ; Cam Robinson (T) - The one guy I don't want us to draft but he seems to be the most Seahawks esque offensive linemen in this draft so we could see the Seahawks drafting him.

#58 - Zay Jones (WR)

I can see the Seahawks go wide receiver in the second round despite other glaring  needs, people seem to overlook the fact that the wide receiver core needs an upgrade with Kearse playing poorly this past season and with Tyler Lockett coming off a nasty injury Zay Jones could be a good pick up, not to mention the fact that Paul Richardson appears to be injured every season and despite his good playoffs showing I really wouldn't mind us picking up another receiver.

Alternatives : Tyus Bowser (LB) - I can see the Seahawks pick up a linebacker as it seems to be high in their priority list ; Rodrick Johnson (T) - With the loss of Gilliam to the 49ers I could see this happening, drafting a tackle high for competition would fit into the Seahawks line of work (compete, compete and compete), specially because at the moment Ifedi seems to own the spot without any other suiters ; Jordan Willis (DE) - Another priority for the Seahawks would be the defensive end position but I do believe this draft is loaded in other positions so I wouldn't risk drafting a defensive end this high but we could see the Seahawks take Willis as their second pick.

#90 - Cordrea Tankersley (CB)

Cordrea is another viable cornerback option for the Seahawks, I'm mocking him to us despite already taking a corner because I truly believe that's the position that we need to improve the most as Lane had a very subpar year and Shead is coming off a terrible injury that might set him back forever it would be good to have a viable number 3 corner.

Alternatives : Sidney Jones (CB) - One can dream, right? I doubt jones would still be avaible but if he is he'd be the guy I'd truly love us to get ; Fabian Moreau (CB) - If you read my report on him you'd see I'm very high on the guy, he was a solid prospect but after his pectoral injury he's expected to drop the third round and with the Seahawks needing corners he'd be a nice fit ; Trade the pick to get a later round pick.

#102 - Isaac Asiata

By now all of Seahawks Twitter will probably be begging for a lineman. I think Asiata would be a decent prospect to work with Tom Cable as he seems to fit what he likes in his linemen, yes people he's not leaving anytime soon. 

Alternatives : Taywan Taylor (WR) - I keep beating around the same bush, I don't think we're set at wide receiver and if we haven't drafted one yet I would like us to pick one up right about now ; Juju Smith Schuster (WR) - I love Juju a lot so this one is a more personal pick, you can basically copy paste what I just said above for the reason why I'd take him though ; Justin Evans (S) - It would be good to revamp the secondary and despite safety not being the biggest of needs I think Evans could be a good player to improve our team for the backup position and he would overall make us a bit younger ; Trade for another pick.

#106 - George Kittle (TE)

I still don't know how much Pete trusts Nick Vannett and with Willson and Graham on their final year of contract ( the first is on a one year prove it deal) I could see the Seahawks drafting a tight end, I also think people fail to realise how much Carroll values tight ends so George would definitely be a viable option. 

Alternatives : Daeshon Hall (DE) - The Seahawk could look at Hall to improve our defensive line as it's getting older and eventually we'll have to replace Bennett and Avril with younger and cheaper talent ; Carroll Phillips (LB) - If we haven't picked up a linebacker yet I'd say that now would be a good time, you can always find a sleeper defensive player later on in drafts and maybe Carroll is worth the risk ; Brad Kaaya (QB) - I think it's highly likely that the Seahawks will pick up a quarterback in this draft and Brad would probably be a good value for pick player in this situation so I wouldn't oppose this happening ; Trade for anothe pick.

#210 - Josh Tupou (DE)

It's always harder to find late round prospects so I won't lie and I'll tell you I had to look one up and the one that seemed to fit the Seahawks need the most is Josh Tupou out of Colorado, he's a strong defensive end and worst case scenario he ends up being a camp body, low risk pick.

Alternatives : Ben Boulware (LB) - This one was mentioned on the move the sticks podcast and I think he would be the second most viable option for the Seahawks, a late round linebacker, again, no risk, if he doesn't work out just cut him ; Elijah Qualls (DE) - The huskie in me would like to see the Seahawks take Elijah but he'd have a lot of kinks to work on like his work ethics however if polished he could end up a solid squad player ; A final alternative would be to trade the pick to possibly try and pick up a 5th rounder.

#226 - Shelton Gibson (WR)

Another guy that I had to look up, I honestly don't know enough about Shelton but I'd say go for it, a speedy wide receiver would always be a good pickup specially if he can become a great special teams player, just imagine not needing Lockett to return all kicks? It would be good for us because it would allow Tyler to sit out and still be dangerous on the return game, something that we've been lacking.

Alternatives : I don't know enough to name any alternatives.


I can see the Seahawks trading out of the first round specially if they're not comfortable picking at 26 this is a very good draft when it comes to depth and they might feel like an early second pick is more valuable than a late first, another reason would be that they simply want extra picks. It's hard to forget that the Seahawks lack a 4th and 5th round pick so they might try and get one of those back by maybe trading one 3rd rounder (we have 3) or another option that I can see happening is simply trade 2 3rd round picks for an extra second, John said he wasn't really impressed with the players that are seen as late round prospects so maybe the Seahawks will be looking to get their picks in earlier than usual, but in the draft anything can happen so who knows? All I can say is that it'll be a rollercoaster of emotions so get ready! 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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