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John Ross Scout Report

Mister speedster John Ross III is the last of the bunch. We're just one day away from the draft, how exciting is this?! I can't wait to let you guys know what I think about the Seahawks draft picks but we'll save that for later! The 40 yard dash record holder is another player from UW capable of being a first rounder in this year's draft, alongside Baker and King (Jones is out of the picture due to a pro day injury) but is John Ross worth a top 10 pick ? 

John Ross III is a 5ft11 190 lbs WR from UW. He's part of Washington's best team in the past few years. Ross's college career was good, despite missing a whole season he still manage to rack up 1729 yards in 114 receptions, he averaged 15.2 yards per catch with 22 TDs. Rushing wise he saw some sucess with a total of 195 yards in 20 rushes so don't be surprised if you see John on several end around plays in the NFL. 
Mister 40 yard dash. Not much needed to say. When comparing measurables with ther play…

7 Round Seahawks Mock Draft

So, It's currently the 22nd of April, I'm bored at home striving to find an idea of what to write until a friend asked me "Why not try to make a 7 round mock draft for the Seahawks?" And he left me thinking.. a few minutes later here I am writing this. I must state that this is what I hope will happen in this draft with a realistic feel to it but as we know the Seahawks like to surprise us so after I do mock my first pick I will mention what the Seahawks could do as alternatives.

#26 - Kevin King (CB)

Yes, yes I know everyone is already preparing themselves for the Seahawks not drafting King at 26 but I truly believe that if he's still on the board that the Seahawks will get him because he's simply the mold of a Seahawks corner and siding him next to Sherman could prove to be a deadly duo in the NFL.

Alternatives : Budda Baker (S) - Baker would be a great pick up, he's not the biggest of players but he can play safety, corner and slot corner, he'd fit wh…

T.J Watt Scout Report

Number four on my list of scout reports is T.J Watt. Could he be a possible Seahawks target? Maybe, He's a young physical linebacker, if the tape confirms the stats and the draft falls the way they want there's a chance that Watt falls to the middle of the second round and then if the Seahawks wish to trade up they can get him bur I think he's seen as a top prospect and won't make it out of the first 15 picks of the 2nd round.

T.J is a 6ft4 252 lbs linebacker from Wisconsin. Brother of JJ Watt it's always hard to make your own path but that's what TJ is trying to do. Well for that to happen he needed to have a succesful college career and that he did. Watt played 22 games being only a starter this past season. In his two years at Wisconsin he racked up a total of 70 tackles (41 solo, 29 assits) with 17 of those being for loss, he also had 11.5 sacks and one pick six alongside 6 pass deflections and 2 forced fumbles so if the tape confirms his stats then we got…

Deshaun Watson Scout Report

Deshawn Watson is number 3 on the list this week's prospect! He's the second QB I'm doing in this draft class. And before I get deep into the tape right now Watson has caused a bigger impression on me than Mitch but is he really better ? 

Deshaun Watson is a 6ft2 221lbs two time Heisman finalist and a CFP Champion from Clemson. Watson had an interesting college career because he's had a high number of interceptions but it's important to put those into context. Sometimes he throws picks because the ball sails, other time the DB just makes a good play and other times you see the receiver run the wrong route heck sometimes even the receiver drops an easy pass but of course it's never good to have a QB get picked off 17 times in 15 games but Watson has his upside, he finished last season with a high completion pertentage and 41 touchdowns hower that doesn't mean a whole lot when Blake Bortles has 69 touchdowns and 51 interceptions in his first three seasons. I…

Fabian Moreau Scout Report

Fabian Moreau my second prospect out of the five I'll be doing. Fabian was actually requested to me by a friend and I always have great joy in making these. Oh! I also hope you guys enjoyed my last report and this week's article on the Seahawks 2016 draft class, had a lot of fun writing that too.

Fabian Moreau is a 6ft 206lbs corneback from UCLA. He played 39 games in his four college years, Fabian racked up 149 tackles (99 solo 50 assists) with for 4.5 tackles for loss. He also got 2 forced fumbles, 21 pass deflections and 3 interceptions. He was mainly a press man corner at UCLA, he's got a good size and measurable but lacked ball hawking ability to get more interceptions over his college career with 1 interception per 63 targets which isn't bad but it could be much better, specially when you can see that Moreau has great athletism and could probably snatch more picks if he had better instincts.

Great speed, good measureables, good workout. Not like you can ask for …

My Thoughts On Last Year's Seahawks Draft Class

I decided to write this a bit ago. I want to look back into our 2016 draft class and tell you how, in my opinion, we can improve it.

So let's start with our first round pick (#31) Germain Ifedi (RT)

Ifedi had a rough year, up until December he had given up 38 QB pressures (tied for 4th most), he was flagged a lot of times and despite his good run blocking his pass protection is terrible. Although Ifedi is playing out of position (he's a tackle) he was moved to an "easier" position at guard where he failed misarebly, I'm ready to give up on the Ifedi at RG experiment but not on the player himself. I trust him to have the ability to make a jump in his second season (and hopefully at RT). Also another thing that discourages Seahawks fans is that Ronnie Stanley, Laremy Tunsil, Jack Conklin and Taylor Decker had a much better year.

Jarran Reed  (DT) - 2nd round pick (#49)

Now this was a good pick-up! The Seahawks gave away their 2nd round and 4th round pick to trade …