Why It Would Be A Mistake To Let Shead Go

Deshawn Shead is an UFA, he was a RFA after the Seahawks decided to not tender him after he suffered a knee injury (torn ACL) during the 36-20 loss to Atlanta. His agent said "It was really unfortunate for the young man. He would be in a different world right now if not for that injury," which makes me think that the Seahawks were going to sign Shead if it wasn't for the injury, well.. I would still have signed him with the injury (unless it's much more serious than we know) but don't get me wrong I believe 100% that Shead will be back with the Sehawks next year and here's why.

Shead was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Portland back in 2012. He didn't play any games that year and had a very limited rule in 2013 however in 2014 things started to change. Shead played all 16 games and was pretty average racking up a total of 14 tackles and 2 pass deflections but no interceptions, with those perfomances he managed to hold on to the starting role. During the 2015 season Shead once again played all 16 games but this time he racked up a total of 55 tackles (43 solo and 12 assists) with one sack, 8 pass deflections and 1 pick. You could see the Seahawks answer for a number 2 corner had be found.

And what's better is that his improvement was consistent because this season Shead had 81 total tackles (57 solo and 24 assists), 14 pass deflections and 1 interception (he picked off Tom Brady out of all the QBs! :p ) I also wanted to point out that he played very well agaisnt the Lions in the wilcard game of this years playoffs, and he had to because Stafford didn't target Sherman once in that game!

Our #2 corner has to be just as good as our #1 (that's what we get for having the best corner in the league) and I believe Shead is that man. Obviously his injury didn't help him at all and I've already seen some Seahawks fans give up on #35 but not me, I believe that someone that worked as hard as Shead did to become a great footballer can overcome the injury obstacle, is it dangerous to bank on him to come back and be who he was? Yes, but I wouldn't be against drafting another corner even when Shead wasn't injured. I can understand the FO decision on not tendering Shead but I am scared he won't be back specially since he was becoming a intricate member of the Legion Of Boom. To make matters worst I don't believe Lane has the ability to become a #2 corner but then again Shead wasn't amazing 3 years ago so who knows is this injury is the opportunity that Lane needed to show us what he can do? I sure hope that's the case because his success is our success! 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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