Who Makes More Sense? Running Back Talk

As you guys know the Seahawks are on the market for an experienced running back, obviously scared of Rawls and CJ's lack of durability the Seahawks decided to meet with Jamaal Charles, Latavius Murray and Eddie Lacy (unfortunately it seems like my target Blunt isn't in the mix) so who makes more sense for the Seahawks ? Do any of them actually fit? Are we facing an identity crisis? 

Let's start with Eddie Lacy 


Besides Lacy's obvious health issues (I know he's "fat") he's a very capable running back, he's shown glimpses that he could be somewhat like Lynch, since he entered the league he has averaged 2.15 yards after contact on 788 carries (sixth-best in the NFL over that span) which is exactly what the Seahawks need in a downhill runner, Rawls is a one cut guy and C.J is a duel threat. Seeing how poor we did in goal line possessions it would be good to add a powerful runner to the mix. Lacy is also only 26 meaning he could have at least 4 good seasons ahead of him. It would be a gamble yes, but he's not a bad player to have and he also isn't as injury prone as some other players that will meet with the Seahawks. (Charles and possibly AP)

Jamaal Charles 


Jamaal Charles seems to be the consensual favourite among Seahawks fans. Despite being 30 and injury prone, Charles seems to have most Hawks fans on his side. Being more of a dual threat running back it allows him to be more useful than Lacy however he doesn't answer our prayers when it comes to a downhill, violent runner. I can sort of understand the hype among several 12s. Charles is a top running back but injuries were always an issue so being a number 2 back could help him shine. He just needs to stay fit. Oh! Not to mention he would also be a good mentor to someone like CJ for example. So not a bad pick up. 

Latavius Murray 


The 27 year old, one time pro bowler Latavius Murray is coming to town and most Seahawks fans aren't excited about this. Why ? Because Murray hasn't impressed behind one of the best offensive lines in the league however he would fit what's supposedly Seattle's new mold of RBs, the dual threat running back. Much like Charles, Murray is a receiving back that has a great burst of speed but poor vision. The fact that he's much younger and less injury prone than Charles might give him the advantage though. But again, I don't know where Seattle wants to go with their running backs, if they miss a physical downhill runner then Murray isn't the answer but if they want another dual threat, less injury prone and more experienced back then Murray could be that guy. Lest we forget that Murray is physically similar to Prosise so don't be surprised if he's our pick. 

Oh! And if you guys are wondering how their stats matchup here they are : 

Murray : 
Lacy :
Charles : 

In an overall assement I don't mind mind seeing any of the three come, this happens because I don't know what we're looking for at running back, I believe we're facing an identity crisis and whoever we pick to be our number 2 will the answer to my question. If I had to pick one guy though then maybe I would choose Charles, but like I said, I won't mind whoever the FO believes would be the best fit for the Seahawks. And for all those fans that don't want Murray or Lacy we just have to remember that their success is our success. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter

PS - I'd like to thank all my friends that gave their insight on these players. Couldn't have done this article without y'all. :) 


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