What Can We Do About The Offensive Line ?

With the loss of T.J. Lang to the Lions most Seahawks fans (like me) felt distraught. Lang is an elite lineman and one of the last true elite free agents. However now that he’s off the market, who can we sign? Should we look on the draft? 

1 - Ryan Clady
Ryan Clady is an offensive tackle that played for the Broncos and the Jets. The former Super Bowl winner, 4 time pro bowler is a free agent after the jets declined to pick up his second year option after he was placed on IR in mid November. Being 30 and injury prone could mean that he'll be a cheaper tackle than most on the market and would definitely provide some competition for the tackle spot. 

2 - Sebastian Vollmer 
Seb Vollmer is another free agent tackle after the Patriots released him a few weeks ago. He was placed on IR in August thus not playing this last season. Retirement was rumoured but nothing new has been heard on that department so, right now the 32 year old 2 time Super Bowl winner is a free agent. Although he wouldn't be the best of options due to his string of injuries and age, Vollmer could be a mentor to a very young offensive line and his contribution could go beyond being on the field. 

3 - Jarhi Evans 
One of the seahawks biggest mistakes this last offeseason was to let go Evans. The 33 year old former Super Bowl champions had a tremendous year with the Saints, Although the guard played at centre he'd still would have been a big contributer in making this offensive line reach bigger heights. With Britt's great season as a centre you could not want to move him again (Justin was already used as a tackle and guard) however I do think that his development isn't as much of a position based thing but rather experience based, so I expect that if the Seahawks move Britt back to guard that he'll have a similar season like he had at centre. 

4 - Nick Mangold 
Nick is another one of those older, injury prone lineman that could help this offensive line get better (in or off the pitch) for a cheap deal. The 33 year old 7 time pro bowler was only released by the Jets because they're on a rebuilding phase. Mangold got hurt in early December which forced the jets to place him on IR and shortly after the season ended he was released. The centre would be a good addition to the Seahawks provided he can stay healthy he is still an elite centre, obviously it isn't the position the Seahawks are really looking to upgrade but again, like I said, Britt would still have a good year if he was moved to guard, specially playing next to a good as good as Nick.

I might sound repetitive but the truth is that any of these 4 players would massively improve our line, whether they play or not. Fant is 24, Ifedi is 22, Glowinski is 24, Gilliam is 26 and newly signed Luke Joeckel is 25! So any of those guys would just massively improve this line with their experience. PCJS themselves said that the line needs to get older so any of these guys could be a viable option.


Worst case scenario we might have to draft an offensive lineman and there's only 2 (in my opinion) that will fall to 26 or lower that will improve our line.

Cam Robinson 
Alabama's tackle Cam Robinson is a CFP champion, not many can say that. Cam, last season allowed only 3  sacks and was part of one of the best offensive lines is college.  I liked what I saw from him but he's a raw prospect, as many, so I doubt he'd immediately improve our line. There's a bit of a question mark as to how he is at a personal level, last year Cam was charged with possession of a controlled substance, illegal possession of a firearm, and possession of a stolen gun. Not good to see but most kids make mistakes so we should be willing to let this go and hope that he acknowledges his mistake and moves on. 

Forrest Lamp
Western Kentuky's guard Forrest Lamp had a great season. He showed versatility as he played both guard and tackle and finished it off with a good combine. More a sleeper type of guy I only see two or three teams legitimately considering him for the first round. I could see him be a second round talent too so depending where the Seahawks draft him he might be a great pick up but just like Cam he won't improve our line right from the start but he is another big potential lineman and the Hawks could definitely use him going forward. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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