Solomon Thomas Scout Report


Solomon Thomas is seen as one of the highest prospects in this year's draft. A lot of people even mock him number 2 to the 49ers just behind Myles Garrett (consensus number 1 pick) so does Thomas have what it takes to be a number two pick? Should he be number one? Let's see.


Solomon Thomas is a 6ft3 273lbs defensive end from Standford. Thomas' college career was short but impressive, he spent only two years at Stanford but in those two seasons he played 26 games racking up a total of 98 tackles (63 solo and 35 assist). In those 98 tackles 24.5 of them were for loss, he also racked up 12 sacks during his college career. Most of his great stats come from this past season where he got 61 tackles (14 of those for loss) and 8.5 sacks , he won the Morris Trophy as the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year thus making him a highly rated edge rusher, also luckily for him he managed to put on a show at the combine but is that enough to beat the fact that the 21 year old only spent two years in college? Oh, since I covered Mitch Trubisky in an earlier article ( in case you missed it ) it's worth mentioning Solomon Thomas won the rose bowl against Mitch and had a good performance matched with some decent stats ( 7 tackles with 2 of them being for loss and a sack). 


Thomas' combine stats for those that are interested. I was overall very impressed by his workout and not just the stats. 


After diving into some Solomon Thomas tape I have to say I called Solomon a edge rusher but he pretty much played everywhere on the defensive line and I think he'd best fit a 3-4 defence or a 4-3 defence as a defensive tackle but he showed me enough to think he can play anywhere. Also another positive before I get into strengths and weaknesses is that he gets double teamed a lot, sometimes he gets stuck other times he blows the tackle and guard away, point is, if he's being double covered that means there's room for someone else to go pressure the QB. 
Strengths : strong physical defence lineman, recognises A and B gaps well specially when on a 2 technique. Has good hand movement and placement, his head is normally under the offensive lineman causing him to have a better balance. He's very disruptive and has good penetration. 
Weaknesses : sometimes doesn't get touched by the offensive lineman and instead of rushing the QB he looks for the contact thus slowing him down, could improve overall pass rush as a defensive tackle, doesn't have a big length and there's balance concerns against stronger linemen, also has a penalty issue with 8 offside calls. Needs to understand his strength limitations.

Some examples (pictures) : 

Some different positions where Solomon plays. 

Just dominates the lineman with his technique.

On this one the guard is in a good stance but thanks to Solomon's hand placement and strength he forced the lineman to stand up giving him all the advantage.
 Blows right past the offensive lineman and gets half a sack.

Great stunt but the QB manages to throw the ball away

Overall I believe Solomon Thomas will be a top five pick in the draft, I don't think he can be the number 1 pick but definitely he's the second best prospect right now, and if he falls to number 3 the bears should pick him up as Standford's defence is kinda like theirs. He'd be a huge help to their line, or any in the NFL given he gets a bit stronger and polishes his play. His overall play is good and I'd expect him to make an emmidate impact. I'm not sure if it's Joey Bosa's level of impact but he should have a good season despite his short college career. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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