Ryan Ramczyk Scout Report


Today I'll be looking at Ryan Ramczyk, the offensive lineman out of Wisconsin is generating some first round buzz so can he be one of the guys that the Seahawks choose if they go offensive line in the number 26 pick? Would I take him or Cam Robinson? Let's see. 


Ryan Ramczyk is 6ft6 314lbs, he's the Seahawks type of lineman as he's strong and athletic. As for his college career, Ryan started at Wisconsin Stevens-Point before transferring to Wisconsin. After sitting a year due to NCAA transfer rules he was named Wisconsin's left tackle for the 2016 season. He had a successful 2016 season as he ended up being named to the First Team All-Big Ten. Team wise Wisconsin had a 98.4 adjusted sack rate that's below league average and for Ramczyk himself (in 13 games) he didn't allow more than 2 pressures per game and went 8 games without allowing a pressure at all, also his 84.6 run-blocking grade led all FBS offensive tackles in 2016 (all stats are by FO and PFF). So I must say he's looking good stat wise. He didn't do much at the combine because he had arthroscopic surgery on a torn labrum in the hip so he only did the bench press which he did 25 reps.


After dwelling on some tape I have to say that between Ryan and Cam you can see that Ramczyk is the most developed player and would be the biggest improvement to any line specially because Cam looks out of place at LT (Cam is definitely a better LG) while Ryan looks set at tackle.
Strengths : has a good technique, punches hard and uses hips well to maintain leverage, he's fast which allows him to reach his blocks well, mirrors the rushers quite well by timing his punches and technique, is barely beaten by spin moves thanks to his hands placement, also can reset well when a defender pushes him out of his stance. Recognises blitzes and stunts very well.
Weaknesses : doesn't have a big frame meaning he has a harder time defending the edges, even if his technique is almost perfect he still plays too upright from time to time making him vulnerable, sometimes his feet let him down against better opposition.


So, summing up would I take Cam or Ryan at 26? Well personally I want to go Defence but if I had to pick between these two offensive linemen I'd go with Ryan as he's definitely the most capable offensive lineman out of the two, he seems to be the most NFL ready although most of the lineman in this draft shouldn't be drafted in the first round yet I wouldn't be too mad if we picked him, I'd still be unsure if he's an upgrade but a good young athlete is never a bad thing to have. And there's still others names in the mix like Bolles and Lamp so there's not really an oline shortage, the issue comes with "can they make an instant impact?" 

PS - I might do a scout report on Bolles and Lamp as those guys look interesting and could possibly be picked up by Seattle.

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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