Realistic Free Agents That The Seahawks Could Sign


We normally don't make splashes on free agency, actually I believe the last big signings we made were back in 2013 where we got our defensive end duo of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett. So is it time to hit free agency and get some names that could boost our squad? I definitely think so, and here are the top 5 players I think the Seahawks could sign without "breaking the bank".

1- Calais Campbell 


Calais would be the answer to our defensive tackles needs! With the Rookie Jarran Reed, veteran Ahtyba Rubin and unproven Quinton Jefferson as the only players signed to a contract we could definitely use someone as good as Campbell, and coming from divisional rivals Cardinals would only sweeten the deal. This season, in 16 games Campbell got 8.0 sacks, 34 tackles and 17 assists, also getting one interception and 3 fumble recoveries showing his playmaking abilities. While Reed on his rookie season he got 1.5 sacks, 13 tackles and 21 assists and veteran Rubin got 1.0 sacks, 25 tackles and 14 assists while also forcing 3 fumbles! So a Rubin / Campbell partnership sounds pretty nice, with Reed learning from one of the best DTs in the game. 

2- T.J Lang 

Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. That's the answer you'll constantly get when you ask why the Seahawks didn't make it far in the playoffs. Playing two rookies in Ifedi and Fant, with sub par players in Glowinski and Gilliam.. Justin Britt was the only highlight of the offensive line making T.J Lang a perfect candidate to make our offensive line older like John wants and not waste a lot of money, I'd definitely prefer to slightly overpay a guard like T.J rather than waste a 3rd or 4th (if we get it) round pick on an offensive lineman that won't improve our game. 

3- Cordarrelle Patterson


This one might sound weird but Patterson is 26 and the Seahawks could use another wide receiver (in my opinion) given that Kearse proved us regularly that he can't be a number 2 receiver so why not gamble (with the right price) on Patterson? Labelled as a bust by many over the past 4 season with the Vikings he played 64 games, being targeted 216 times racking up 132 receptions with a total of 1316 yards with 10 yards per reception with the issue being that he only got 7 total touchdowns during his career... Rushing wise he had 31 carries with a total of 333 yards averaging 10.7 yards, he fumbled the ball 4 times and got a total of 4 touchdowns. So.. is he viable? No. Have we gambled on players like this before ? Yes. Was it successful? Sometimes. I'd say go get him for the right price, see if he works, if not just cut him or trade it. It's worth a shot. It's always worth a shot. 

4- LeGarrette Blount


Everyone is talking about Adrian Petterson or Jamaal Charles but don't sleep on Blunt. Despite being 30 the number 1 running back of the New England Patriots is an unrestricted free agent meaning he's free to sign with whoever he likes. His SuperBowl performance was poor but during the regular season he averaged 
3.9 yards per cary,  rushed for over 1,161 yards in 299 attempts, he had 18 touchdowns and 2 fumbles. With Thomas Rawls, CJ Prosise and Alex Collins  I'm sure the Seahawks are looking to add depth to that position, so why not add a world champion to the mix? I'm unsure of how much money Blunt would ask but him being old might force him to take up on a team that is looking for a ring rather than a huge paycheck because as we've seen in the past aging RBs don't make a lot of money. So, Blunt come to Seattle and get yourself a third ring! 

5 - Russell Okung 

Much like T.J , Russell would be a good addition to the Seahawks, our former player joined the Broncos last season for a good amount of money so I would only take him back if he was willing to play for our price range. As you guys know he's very injury prone but last season he played all 16 games of the Broncos season and had good performances during those games so he would definitely be an upgrade on what we have, even if it's just for one season. We could also lure him back with the promise of another ring of course, and I don't think he'd say no to that. 

Bonus player - Darrelle Revis 

Okay, this one will probably be the most controversial out of all but it wouldn't be an opinion article if I didn't leave you guys thinking about something! Obviously Revis stint with the Jets was far from successful and the way that it ended was awful however he was a good corner with the Patriots and despite him being 32 and probably looking for a big contract I think the Seahawks could lure him with promises of winning a ring, he's still a solid player and playing opposite of Sherman would help him thrive. The reason why I think he'd be a good signing is because the corner position is definitely a priority with Shead's injury and Lane's very sub par year, so if the Seahawks don't want to get a corner higher up on the draft I could see Revis being a viable option, at least until Shead gets back. Of course I'd prefer for us to get Kevin King but it all depends on what happens during free agency.. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Who would you add? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter . I hope you guys enjoyed :) 


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