Quincy Wilson Scout Report

Quincy Wilson was requested to me by a friend. I hadn't heard of him before but I'm glad he told me about Wilson, specially because I saw that he could fit the Seahawks mold of a corner and hopefully he should drop to the second round making him a possible option for the Seahawks. Well David, here it is. Hope you enjoy.

Quincy Wilson is a 6ft1 214lbs cornerback from the Florida Gators. He decided to forgo his senior year and with 3 years of college football under his belt he decided to make the jump. He played 37 games in which he managed to rack up a total of 81 tackles (47 solo, 34 assists) with 4.5 of those tackles being for loss, he also had one sack. Wilson finished his college career with 6 interceptions including one pick six this past season. And last but not least he had 14 pass deflections (very much thanks to his long arms) and one forced fumble. Stats wise I must say that I'm very impressed, his tape just needs to match the stats and if that's the case then surely Wilson is on the radar of several teams as a "sleeper" player in this year's draft. 


Here are his combine stats. He had a good workout too. The vertical jump was quite good and that's something the Seahawks look for in their corners.


After looking at his tape I could tell that Quincy is an interesting type of athlete, he's not super fast but he's strong which sometimes allows him to just take wide receivers out of plays thanks to his power. I also noticed his great football IQ when it came to reading the field despite his questionable footwork. 
Strengths : has leadership qualities as he doesn't back down from taking on any team's #1 WR. Due to his strength he can push recievers off their route if they don't have the acceleraton to break on him, has great vision and a lot of times anticipates routes or passes. Not scared to tackle anyone. Uses his long arms to his advantage allowing him to disrupt a lot of passes. Makes plays in both man and zone coverage (despite being a press man corner) because he's able to read the QB very well.
Weaknesses : has issues back-pedalling and hip movement doesn't seem fluid. Gives too much space against good route runners and when he can't keep up with a fast receiver he uses his hands a lot so don't be surprised if he gets flagged constantly during his first pro season. Also despite his willingness to tackle he needs to work on his technique since it's quite flawed.


Quincy Wilson should be a 2nd to 3rd rounder (and that's a big stretch) either as a safety or corner. As for a pro comparison I'd agree with bleeding green nation ( eagles fan page http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/ ) that Quincy is quite similar to Byron Maxwell as both have similar height and weight and are mainly press man corners. I believe Wilson would make an impact to any team needing a corner if he manages to clean up some of his flaws and manages to work his speed (can't keep up with long routes). 
I truly believe this cornerback class is one of the best ever and it seems like you can't go wrong with whomever you chose. Its also worth noting that Wilson played next to Jalen "Tezz" Tabor that is seen as a better prospect right now but people have said they'd rather have Quincy because despite his flaws he has an elite mentality and that can lead him to greatness specially if he feels like he has a chip on his shoulder.

PS - I feel like I have to mention this great article by Ben Natan that allowed me to confront my views on Wilson with someone else's. www.bleedinggreennation.com/platform/amp/2017/2/3/14483870/2017-nfl-draft-quincy-wilson-scouting-report

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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