Mitch Trubisky Scout Report

I want to start off by saying Mitch was recommended to me by a friend as I'm not really found of this years QB class. With that said let's get on with it.

Mitch Trubisky is probably the perfect especiment for a NFL QB. He's a 6ft2 222lbs QB with a huge arm and leardership ability. Seen as one of the top 4 QB prospects in the draft Mitch has a high chance of being drafted higher than he should be but if he magically drops to the second round I would think the 49ers would be a great fit for him, second to Bryan Hoyer in a Kyle Shanahan system I think Mitch would flourish greatly. 

As you can see Mitch didn't start all of his college games so that leaves a question mark as to how his numbers would look like if he had played every game. Truth is the stats speak for themselves, 41 TDs and 10 picks? That's not bad. 4762 career passing yards isn't bad given he reached such a high number with under 400 completions, but given his strong arm I'm not surprised. During his last season he led North Carolina to the Sun Bowl (after finishing 8-4) where they lost 25-23 against Stanford. 


People liked Mitch's combine, his 40 yard dash was decent and overall he had a good workout improving his draft stock despite his " Call me Mitchell" incident (just kidding).

Like I said I wasn't thinking about writing about Mitch but coicidence or not on Friday I was bored and started to study some tape of him and what I saw was a total athlete with leadership ability and great arm strength, I see him going higher than he should be in this year's draft but is he worth the gamble? 
Strengths : Terrific arm, great accuracy and deep ball ability. Has a great mobility inside the pocket and despite the fact he isn't very fast he can rush down the field when given space. Most of the times he's a poised, calm player and can lead his team to a touchdown play. Can also trick safeties very well with his vision, meaning he fools the defender into thinking he's going to throw it to the right when he throws it left. Last but not least he has a big play ability if his feet are set and has good balance. 
Weaknesses : tries to be a hero too often meaning he'll throw passes to the middle of the field when he shouldn't, he forces the issue when off balance because he trusts his arm strength, doesn't have the best feet placement, doesn't have the best pocket presence and can misjudge pressure but really his biggest downfall is the fact he doesn't throw the ball away. Really Mitch!! Do it. 

Compared to Matthew Stafford by the NFL media, Mitch Trubisky has a chance to be a very good QB in the future given he polishes his game, specially his feet placement. He also needs to learn he doesn't need to be a hero all the time and can throw the ball out of bounds to live for another play. I also think he needs to make use of his arm strength more and take shots down the field. It's not a coincidence I paired him up with SF. They need a future franchise QB and I think Mitch could be the answer, provided he has a season of two for learning the game and dealing with his mistakes he'd thrive under Kyle Shanahan so I would like to see that happen, specially if they add better wide receivers however I can definitely see Garçon bailing Mitch out several times this season. Also it's worth nothing that at first I wasn't a big Mitch Trubisky fan, I'm not saying I've converted but I can definitely see what the fuss is about, he's a good player with a high ceiling so I wish him the best.. I'm just a little worried that being a started this year is a bit too much for him. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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