Marshon Lattimore Scout Report


Marshon Lattimore. The corner from Ohio State is seen as one of the top 10 corners in the draft. Should the Seahawks pick him at 26 ? ( I doubt he'll be avaible but let's pretend he is!) Ohio State has produced good defensive back talents such as Bradley Roby, Eli Apple (that I actually wanted the Seahawks to draft last season), Vonn Belle and if you want to dig a bit back they also produced Malcolm Jenkins for example.


Marshon Lattimore is a 6ft 192lbs cornerback from Ohio State. He played just 16 games throughout his college career being only a starter this past season so there's the same doubt about Lattimore that there was with Solomon Thomas, both played only a short amount of games so can they be trusted to get the job done in the NFL? Were they one season wonders? Well, we won't know until next season but stats wise during his college career Marshon racked up a total of 45 tackles (34 solo and 11 assists), only one of those tackles was for loss. He had 4 interceptions, one touchdown and 11 pass deflection.


His combine stats for those that are interested. I like that 40 yard dash, 4.36 is really fast for a DB but you know how it is.. the 40 yard dash isn't the most relevant of stats. His workout was also really good.


So after looking at some Lattimore tape I must say he's really a top 10 corner in the draft and probably a top 15 pick. I had to nitpick to get some weaknesses in this report as this man is really a great clean prospect.
Strengths :  plays the sidelines very well, tends to move the wide receiver that way. Has great agility that allows him to turn and sprint at full throttle, allowing no separation. Has great recover speed and reads the ball very well, he has that football IQ that Obi Melifonwu misses for example as he can locate the ball before it's even in the air thanks to his route recognition. 
Weaknesses : one year starter, gets stuck on blockers often. Lacks a good tackling technique and wasn't tested against high end receivers, since he moves his head to where the ball is taller receivers might use that as an advantage to locate the ball themselves.

Some examples (pictures) :

The lack of tackling technique.

Great technique allows him to turn and go full speed.

This is what happens a lot during games, absolute no separation for the wide receiver.

Great play, no separation and notice the good head movement allowing him to see where the ball is to swat it away.

The QB thinks there's enough separation to throw Marshon's way but thanks to his great recovery speed he gets an interception.

Basically there's a role reversal here. Since Marshon has great hip movement he can run the route better than the reciever, he's always in front of him so there's no way he can catch up to Lattimore so he gets the interception.

Overall I think Marshon can be a pro bowl corner, I doubt he'll be available at 26 but if he is he's a great value for player pick. Like I said, his hips and speed can make him elite granted he learns quickly because he might get exploited thanks to his lack of experience.

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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