Lacy Is Officially A Seahawk ! - My Thoughts

Eddie Lacy is Pete and John's running back choice. And I'm with it! Low-key he's the guy I really wanted. Led on by Seahawks twitter negativity I was unsure about Lacy but the truth is that I always saw him as the answer. Packers and Seahawks fans couldn't have more of a different opinion on the signing than they have right now. Packers twitter fanbase is incredibly sad to see Lacy's depart and Seahawks Twitter couldn't be more bummed out! Call me crazy but I truly believe that Lacy could be the answer to our running back needs and here's why.
Number two to only Marshawn Lynch, Eddie Lacy has been the NFL's best yard after contact back. He is the closest thing to Lynch. Of course you can talk about AP but he's not a fit to our system so I'd say that Lacy can be the next beast mode ( or if you prefer, feast mode! ).
You could say that his career has been in decline but to be honest he's been seeing less and less action, missing basically the whole 2016 season (bar 5 games). Lacy was a stud coming out of college winning the NFL offensive rookie of the year award and he's also a pro bowler. The ability is there, he just needs to stay fit because he already proved to us that when fit he's a one thousand yards back and he can spark back to life in Seattle. He comes in a one year "prove it" deal and I think he'll make the most out of it just like Bennett and Avril did.
Before I go in depth into Lacy's playing style and how it can help us, I had a chat with a Vikings and Packers fan and here's what both said about Lacy. Starting with the Packers fan he said : " Well Eddie Lacy was a huge beast when he is fully healthy but he always kept on gaining pounds which Green Bay management wanted him to cut down, specially last season. In the past few seasons he was a freight train and hard to stop when he was on his game he would bring so many players with him, It was amazing to see, maybe he's going to become the next Lynch in Seattle without the skittles throwing." When I asked about how Lacy ran he replied : " Downhill but he's not like Bell (doesn't read the field as well and doesn't have the inicial burst of speed that Bell has) but again when he's on his game he's very hard to stop just like Lynch was. He's basically almost the same with more pounds on him."
As for the Vikings fan when I asked her if Lacy could be like Lynch she said : " He is kinda like Lynch but he'll never have the footwork that Marshawn had. I think Lacy is way less consistent than beast mode of course and I believe it's also hard to tell how well he'll do because of his known weight issues but he should be a good player if he stays healthy." And my friend, if a Vikings fan says that about a (ex) Packers player who are we to say no to him?
After watching some tape on Lacy I can definitely agree with the Lynch comparisons. He is a physical runner that isn't afraid of contact, his lateral quickness is questionable alongside his feet but he can buldoze you out of the way. Don't expect him to do well in toss plays because his vision is also questionable however I did see him do well in several blow up screen plays all thanks to his speed and strength.
I also saw a good comparison on reddit the other day where it had Lynch's and Lacy's first four years (before both came to seattle) and here's how they looks like:
As you can see they have very similarities, both coming in to Seattle with something to prove, one became a legend, creating his own "beast quake" at one point. Can Lacy do the same and leave Seattle a Hall Of Famer? I sure hope so! I doubt Lacy can ever be as good as Lynch was but we don't even need anything close to that! We can use a one two punch style of play with Lacy and Rawls as our main backs and C.J as our versitile guy. I am 100% sure that we'll even see the three of them on the field at the same time! They're that flexibe! Also don't be surpised if Lacy plays as a FB every now and then, due to his strength and weight he could be useful there too so now Bevell has a lot of pieces to play with and I couldn't be happier! (Only if we would have gotten more offensive linemen! :p)
Overall I think Lacy, alongside Rawls are the answer to our needs, we're going back to smash mouth football and I couldn't be more excited! It's exactly what we needed, the much wanted "balance" that Pete talks about can happen this year and It will allow us to become a much better team, get one or two more linemen, restock the defence with the draft and the Seattle Seahawks are superbowl contenders!

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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