Garett Bolles Scout Report


At first I was unsure to work on Bolles due to me already doing reports on Lamp, Cam and Ramczyk but I figured "why not do the top 4 rated linemen in this draft?" So that's exactly what I'm going to do! This is my Gatett Bolles scout report! Oh, before I get into his football ability I want to congratulate Bolles on where he is right now, a former troubled young man is now on the line to be a top 15 pick in the NFL draft, and that's something only a few players can accomplish, so for that, I applaud you Garett! 


Bolles is a 6ft5 297lbs OT from the University of Utah. Despite being one of the oldest players to enter the draft (will be 25 in May) Garett is still attracting a lot of attention. Seen as the best offensive linemen in this draft teams are clearly ready to bypass his age for a starting calibre tackle. In 2016 Bolles allowed 3 sacks, 1 QB hit and 16 QB hurries, he also had the second-highest percentage of positively graded run blocks in the draft class last season. He finished with the No. 2 run-blocking grade in the nation at 83.9 and is a better run blocker than pass blocker (Seahawks fans sigh!), team wise Utah had a 95.0 adjusted sack rate which is below league average meaning they had a good year when it comes to pass protection (all stats are by FO and PFF). 


His combine performance. Probably the best out of top rated linemen.


Looking at Bolles tape it's easy to confirm what has been said about him, a raw talent that is clearly better at run blocking than pass blocking. I'm also unsure how good of a tackle he'll be in the NFL.. 
Strengths : great run blocker, has the best feet among tackles in this draft, he's got lateral quickness allowing him to deal with outside pressure well. Mirrors opponents nicely and is good at recognising stunts. Likes to hit defensive linemen with his hands to show his dominance and has good balance.
Weaknesses : could definitely improve his weight to be a more physical lineman, should work on his technique as his pads level are too low sometimes and he needs to brace for initial contract better. Has issues facing linebackers and is inconsistent in maintaining his blocks in pass protection, sometimes he gives too much space to the defender allowing them to work around him. Since he's not the strongest lineman he can get outmuscled by stronger players and there's rumours he can be a scheme fit player. Biggest downfall is his age.


So.. I'm not sure if I agree with everyone that Bolles is the best linemen in the draft. I think Lamp or Ramczyk might actually be better than him but like almost all linemen I feel like Bolles would be a better fit at guard than tackle, which is something that certainly needs to change.. despite his raw talent he has a smaller amount of flaws and bigger amount of traits but his flaws are similar to players 2/3 years younger than him so because of his age I'd be happy if he's not available at 26 because I think it's too much of a gamble for someone that won't immediately improve your line, despite Bolles being a type of lineman that the Seahawks like I think they know that he's not the best prospect to pick up at 26 so don't expect the Seahawks to take Bolles in the draft.. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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