Forrest Lamp Scout Report


This is not the first time I mentioned Lamp as a possible Seahawk ( check ) but it was only a brief text. Here I'll be doing a scout report on him and hopefully you can have a better sense of what Forrest Lamp can do for the Seahawks and what are his ups and downs. 


Forrest Lamp is a 6ft4 300lbs offensive guard out of Western Kentucky. Lamp is regarded as one of the better guards in this year's offensive line class, obviously not being Seattle's biggest weakness on the offensive line I'm not sure we'll draft him but stats wise Lamp had a good college career he had three years of strong grades, ranking among the top five offensive tackles in the nation for three straight years, allowed only five pressures in 2016. Over his college career he allowed only 31 pressures on 1,620 attempts. Also worth noting he showed up in big games allowing only 5 pressures against Alamaba. Team wise Western Kentucky had an 116.8 adjusted sack rate which was higher than average but still, Lamp did his job (all stats are by FO and PFF). 


Lamp's combine stats for those that are interested. Him, Cam, Ramczyk and Bolles were the ones that tested the best amongst offensive linemen.


Lamp's tape shows consistency and good offensive line play. He's a stud playing as a guard despite starting as a tackle often. You could see a few flaws but overall I think Lamp is actually a pretty good player. 
Strengths : unlike a few other linemen he has good feet  movement, is very patient allowing him to mirror defenders well, positions his hips well and deals nicely with spin moves, good pass protection and is barely moved by a defender due to his good balance.
Weaknesses : short arms may cause issues in the NFL, needs to work a bit more on his stance and may have issues dealing with good pass rushers as his hand placement is questionable. Could work on drive blocking


The more I dwelve into these linemen the more okay I am with picking them up at 26 however Lamp is a guard and with Glow, Joeckel and Gilliam (I want to see Ifedi move to tackle) I don't see the Seahawks taking him but like I said before it's never a bad thing to have an athletic player on the squad, specially one that long term could help improve this team.

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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