Elijah Qualls Scout Report


If you follow me on twitter you know what this is about. For the next five weeks I'll be putting out a scout report on a player until the draft. A total of 5 players will be reviewed by me and Elijah Qualls is the first on that list. Oh! And if you're wondering who is next then you'll just have to wait and see but it's a nice list, I can assure you. ;)


Elijah Qualls is a 6ft1 314lbs defensive tackle from UW. He had a decent college career as he played 30 games, racking up a total of 77 tackles (42 solo, 35 assists) with 11.5 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks. He is from the PAC 12 so some people will overlook Qualls but I think his productivity on the field was key to the huskies success it just wasn't consistent enough, I'd say from what I knew before diving into tape that Elijah could very well be a top 3rd rounder if he just worked harder and polished his game.


Here are his combine stats. Super fast 40 yard dash for a 313 pounder, but not only that he did the 20 yard shuttle and 3 cone drill incredibly fast for his weight, if he just lost a few porunds!! I mean, we saw the man do backflips like it's easy, just keep working hard Elijah! However his measurables are a bit below Seahawks level but I'd still love for us to get him at the right time for the right price.


After looking at some Qualls tape I must say he looked sub par to what I was expecting, he couldn't leave his blocks, he had no big play commitment, he was just average and he has the quality to be so much better. But I still believe in him as I did see flashes that make me think he's got the potentical to be a decent NFL player but I wouldn't expect any immediate impact specially if you're looking at a pass rusher, Elijah is an old style DT, he's a run stuffer, and he can become a great one but don't expect him to rush the QB often.
Strenghts : since he's got a good control over the point of attack he can hit offensive lineman well and leave them winded meaning that he's a good enough player to get to the backfield from time to time, he'll also hold ground quite well thanks to his good tackling and once he's got his hands on you you're not going anywhere. Has nimble feet and incredible athleticism (imagine if he lost some pounds) which allows him to have a good pursuit and gap recognitison, Elijah also has an overall good body control.
Weaknesses : he's a bit overweight meaning he's a bit sluggish off the snap, has small arms. He's more of a run stuffer than anything else. Qualls has relatively stiff hips, mostly due to his squatty frame, that's going to hamper his bending technique to run around offensive linemen, this will limit ways he can attack the tackle mewing he will be a very inefficient passrusher. Qualls will have to use his leverage, quickness and hands in order to get to the quarteback. However, despite all that Elijah is still a very athletic guy so he may be able to combine his leverage with his quickness to get to the QB on a more consistent base but this will only happen if he also develops his technique. Needs to have hunger to improve and a better work ethic (according to scouts, via NFL).


Overall I think Elijah Qualls will be a 4th to 5th round pick. He's very talented and propably a 3rd round prospect if not for his lack of arm lenght (he one of, if not the shortest arms for his size among the other players in this draft), excess weight and lack of commitment along side a packed defensive draft class. I would like for us to get him as a luxury pick, like in the 5th or 6th round if we didn't get a DT before. The Seahawks or any team that need a defensive tackle will be decently served with this man as long as he gets the time to develop, has limited snaps and most importantly, works on his work ethic because without hard work no player will make in the NFL no matter how talented you are. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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