Dalvin Cook Scout Report


Dalvin Cook is a 5ft11 213lbs running back for Florida State. The 2016 Orange Bowl MVP is in the discussion of who the best running back in this year's draft is (him or Fournette). Cook had a terrific season and now as set his goal to terrorise defences in the NFL. Can he do it? Oh! It's also worth noting that Cook was found not guilty in a case where a woman claimed he had punched her so be on the lookout for any off the field issues. 

Dalvin goes into the NFL with almost 4,500 yards. He averaged 6.5 yards per carry in just under 700 attempts, he also got a total of 46 career touchdowns with two back to back 19 touchdowns seasons. He wasn't used a lot on the passing game but he is normally effective. Known to fumble and drop the ball sometimes Cook definitely needs to work on his carrying.


Adding to his good college career Cook managed to run just about 4.50 in the 40 yard dash and his overall performance impressed a lot of people at the combine where some actually doubted Fournette's combine display.


When watching tape of this guy I couldn't be more impressed man he can run fast, cut inside or outside, has a downhill runner mentality.. What can't this guy do ?  
Strengths : Downhill runner, fast with a great vision, has great foot work and hip placement, can take a hit and stay focused to pursue the first down marker. Seems to read defences better than a lot of NFL running backs and normally makes the right decisions. He's hard to tackle and take down. I've seen several plays where he just simply won't stay down! He slows the play down by taking short steps after the hand off. He's patient and uses his blocks well specially when running outside. And to me (and many others) the reason why Cook is much more special than most running backs is his burst and acceleration, he goes from thinking the play in slow steps to top speed in mere seconds, several times I saw him break tackles because he just destroys pursuit angles for defenders. 
Weaknesses : Has bad shoulder placement meaning he'll probably lose 1on1 plays with linebackers, his power is also below the NFL average so he'll need to put on some weight so he can break tackles to make use of his great agility and vision. He needs to work on his interior run, his carrying (he had 13 fumbles) and be a better pass blocker. 

Some examples (pictures) : 

These two great cuts allow him to get a huge 20 + yard gain 

On this play he avoids 3 defenders before eventually getting taken down. He loses yards but never stops fighting, he knew where the line of scrimmage was and he tried his best to reach it.


Shoulders aren't as high as they should be but he still manages to spring forward and win 3 yards. 

Once again he does break this tackle before he eventually gets taken down but on a NFL level defence he probably wouldn't as he's not strong enough to push most linebackers. 


Dalvin Cook will be a lead back in the NFL. If he manages to put on a few pounds and get stronger then he can definitely be elite. He's got the vision, the balance, the patience and the speed to be one, he just needs to combine all that with strength. I think Cook would benefit from being a number two back in his first NFL season but if he does end up being the first running back off the board then you can forget that idea. I don't know how much he'll contribute his first season really. He just needs to work on his strength. If he does so he can definitely be a huge help for any struggling team, someone like the eagles would make sense becasue Cook wouldn't have to be used 24/7 and he could take pressure off Wentz's shoulders. I think Dalvin Cook is a top 15 pick. I'm just scared of how much his lack of strength will hamper his NFL career. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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