Cam Robinson Scout Report

This is not the first time I've written about Cam Robison, as you probably know I named him on my "offensive line players the Seahawks can get to improve their line" a while ago where I made a short text on why he can improve our line despite his off the field issues. Well in this article I'm going to give you a more indepth scout report on the left tackle from Alabama. 
Cam Robinson is 6f6 326lbs, he's a big physical linemen, physically similar to Ifedi that is 6ft6 324lbs. Unlike Ifedi (that is a RT playing RG) Cam Robinson is a LT that is seen by many as a possible Guard due to his slow feet, some even claim he'd be a top 15 player in this draft if he was a guard so keep an eye out for that. 

During his college career Cam always played as a left tackle but there's still a discussion as to whether he can be a tackle in the NFL thanks to his poor feet. Robinson was one of the best linemen in college allowing only 3 sacks and being part of the best offensive line in college. 

Only five linemen ran faster than Cam on the 40yard dash. He looked fast on most drills and did well on the broad and vertical jump. Cam was considered one of the winners at this year's combine alongside Bolles and   Ryan Ramczyk. 


Cam Robinson is a real stud. In pass protection once he gets his hands on you with full balance you're done, there's no way he's letter you go however when you're trying to go around him his short steps hurt him and you have a chance of overpowering him. On run block he has issues maintaining his blockers because he doesn't keep moving his feet and loses his man.. really though his biggest issue is consistency, he either completely dominates the defensive end in one play and he's getting overpowered in the next, if you're grading him off flashes he's pretty amazing but when looking at extensive tape you see he lacks consistency. 

Strengths : Has a great stance and is very powerful, when using both hands he will take the defensive end down. He can straight up bullrush defensive linemen on short yardages runs. He can move players as well when he's bending his knees and jus running at the defender. He can provide holes given he keeps moving his feet. 

Weaknesses : He tries to block a lot with only his left hand and is sometimes overpowered because of that, he can't cover ground that well because he uses short steps, sometimes he doesn't place himself correctly to block a man (either he's basically standing up or his head is lower than it should or even past his feet sometimes), also when he lunges his arms at the defensive end he misses the chest plate and hits the man on the shoulder leaving him vulnerable. 

Overall Cam comes from a great school with a great project, he made two CFL finals twice and was a big part of Alamaba's offensive line. Maybe he's not a NFL left tackle but he'll definitely be an amazing guard. He has all the ability to be a star and in a league where the demand for offensive line is huge Cam will probably be an appetising name. Of course you always question how much a young player can improve a team, well I'll tell you that Cam's inside play is amazing, I don't know how well he'll do at left tackle but if you play him as a guard he'll improve any offernsice line in the league providing he can stay consistent. 

So, that's it! What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree ? Let me know ! @ me on twitter on either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter


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