The Blair Walsh signing

For Seahawks and Vikings fans whenever they hear the name Blair Walsh they'll remember the infamous missed FG in the 2013 wilcard game, with 26 seconds on the clock the vikings offense sets Walsh to take a chip shot FG but the holder placed the ball with the laces out and Walsh missed his first kick of the game giving the Seahawks the win. It was unfair to Walsh because although he got all of the Vikings 9 points from that game everyone will talk about the missed kick..

Before the miss Blair had played 64 games attempted 142 FGs making 121 of them  (5 of his missed FGs were blocked) giving him a 85.075 completion percentage, he also made 50 + yards FGs on his first 4 seasons with his longest being 56. After the missed kick Walsh played 9 games before being cut from the vikings and during those 9 games he attempted 16 FGs making 12 of them with his longest being 50 yards. As for XPs Blair has a 94.5 percentage totaling up 9 misses in 165 attempts, however 4 of those 9 missed XPs came in this past season clearly showing that Walsh's head wasn't there.

I decided to ask a friend of mine that is a Vikings fan about Blair Walsh and she told me that "Walsh was never a top tier Kicker, but he had made a high percentage of his kicks. He was the best special teamer ub a team with Patterson and Sherels. The issue was that his confidence disappeared when the playoffs came around. And since that miss I've never seen a Kicker that bad! He used to convert most cheap shot FGs and stopped attempting longer yardage kicks. Of course he is only 27 meaning that he is young and can turn it around, however by the way that I saw him on the field I just don't know if he has the mental ability to bounce back. Overall we're talking about a guy that normally makes 90% of his kicks so the ability is there.. I just don't trust his head". To make matters worst she told me that Walsh had an incident with a team-mate with reportedly homophobic comments, his team-mate Chris Kluwe had this to say when Walsh got released :

Making it quite likely that there was some bad blood on the team.

Some Blair Walsh highlights :

The infamous missed FG

Here's a big kick from Walsh, less than 4 seconds on the clock and he bangs in this FG to tie the game to take it to OT

Several of his misses in these past season, all wide left..

If you want more highlights on Walsh I really think this video could help you :

Now why did the Seahawks sign Walsh?

Seven Hauschka is a UFA. Hauschka could not have asked for a worst timing to have a bad season, this year he attempted 37 FGs making 33 of them, which wasn't bad if he didn't cost Seattle a win away against Arizona that would have kept them in the #2 seed for the NFC however his biggest issue were the XPs, he made 29 out of 35 missing 6 XPs.

One of them at home against the Cardinals that would have put the Seahawks in front. However personally I wouldn't have let Hauschka walk seeing he is one of the best kickers in the game but obviously the Seahawks don't think he's worth the money he's asking... But I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up keeping him if he accepts a pay cut and Haus$ would only benefit from the signing of Walsh bringing some well needed competition fot the spot! 

Some Hauschka highlights :

His missed FG against the Cardinals

A game winning FG by Hauschka in OT

Another game winning FG 

Here's one of the 6 missed XP by Hauschka, this one would have given the Seahawks the lead.

So, Hauschka or Walsh? In my opinion Hauschka is the better option however him being 31, having a bad stint this year and being an UFA didn't help him but we know Pete Carroll loves him so there's still a chance for him to stay and Pete does like his competition, so knows what'll happen. Both have mechanical issues but I feel like Walsh can easily buckle under pressure however he knows this is one of his last opportunities so he's going to fight tooth and nail for it! As for Haus$ I doubt he'll have trouble finding a new home if he doesn't stay with the seahawks, he has loads of experience and will most likely win you games than to cost them. 

What do you guys think? Drop me a line on twitter @Peter1678 and let me know! I want to thank @Divamagg for taking her time to give her opinion on him!


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