Kevin King - Scout Report

Hello people! I'm back and with a new scout report (and format) today I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on Washington's #2 corner Kevin King, but first I just want to say that the highlight video is now on YouTube instead of here because people couldn't load the videos so you can find the video (alongside with my thought on each play in the discription) here :

Kevin King is 6ft3 192lbs meaning that he's tall and strong,  King throughout his 14 games had 2 interceptions, 13 pass break ups, 26 solo tackles, 18 assists finishing with a total of 44 tackles, he also had 3.5 tackles for loss and no sacks. This shows that King is a good corner overall but has some issues tackling, his biggest strength seems to be his length as he managed to get those 13 pass break ups not only thanks to his coverage but also due to his natural agility and instincts. Physically he is very similar to Sherman. Sherm is 6ft3 205 lbs, so he's only a bit stronger than King, this makes him a target for the Seahawks as they like their corners tall with long arms.. 

On the field however he didn't impress me a lot, at least not enough to be a 1st round pick. He seems to be good in man coverage as he's fast and tall, allowing him to keep up with the receiver and go for the ball, he's also fast to react so he can be the first player to reach a free WR... however his tackling needs a lot of improvement,  you'll also see the WR get separation from him and make a big play sometimes or other times you'll actually see him read and adapt to the play quite well.


Good man coverage not letting his man get separation 


On this play the receiver is free and King is zone marking (I think flat) but he leaves his zone as soon as he sees the receiver open, allowing him to be the first to react the play and to make the tackle 


Gives the WR just enough space to make the play 

This is actually one of his best plays in my opinion as he probably has deep zone but he sees that his receiver isn't running forward which allows him to  anticipate the play, in this case a WR screen, putting him in prime position to make the tackle if needed. 


His long arms and height allow him to make these types of plays, either swatting the ball or getting interceptions. He could be crucial against tall and strong wide receivers such as Julio Jones or Mike Evans on the other hand it'd be interesting to see how he'd fare against smaller more skilful receivers like OBJ or AB..

Strengths : 
  1. Tall and Strong ; 
  2. Fast ; 
  3. Good in man coverage ; 
  4. Decent route knowledge. 
Weaknesses : 
  1. Bad tackling ;
  2. Can allow space for the WR to make big gain catches ;
  3. Could work on his technique. 
I'd recommend you to watch the highlight video now as I'll give you my overall assement (based on plays from the video) 

My overall assement of Kevin King is that right now he's a 2nd / 3rd round player, unless he manages to massively impress at the combine that's where I see him going. He seems to be a Richard Sherman type of player (who also wasn't rated highly in college) so we'll see where he lands.. I wouldn't mind seeing the Seahawks take him if he's their best value for player pick. I think he's still very raw but he is tall and strong which allows him to do a decent job, specially since he isn't bad in man coverage, however if he wants to succeed in the highest level he needs to work on tackling as a lot of good corners tackle very well, he'll need to learn to scan the field and make use of those long arms to make interceptions too.. so I do think he's talented, he just needs work.. and what better tutor than Sherman? So Kevin King overall would be a decent pick if he's chosen in the 3rd round of possibly lower, for example if he manages to drop to the 5th round he'd be a steal! So who knows? 

Alright guys, did you enjoy this new style ? Do you agree with me ? Let me know on twitter! Either @Peter1678 or @NFLPeter 


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