Jabril Peppers - My first scouting report

Before I get this started I want to thank Magnus Bendixen (@BendixenNFL) if it wasn't for you bro I wouldn't be writing this :)

Alright let's get on with it! 

First as an overall view I want to give you guys Jabril's weaknesses and Strengths.

Strengths :
  1. He's good in the return game ;
  2. Has an explosive closing speed (surprised he didn't get more sacks) ;
  3. He adjusts well to changes on plays ;
  4. Very good tackling (incredibly important) ;
  5. Nice feet to run away from players trying to block him (once they hold him he's done though) ;
  6. Can play anywhere.
  1. Definitely small for a linebacker ;
  2. Not strong enough to run away from blockers ;
  3. Bad at anticipating the pass (he's better at man defence) ;
  4. Needs to work on his pursuit. 
His season stats : 
His stats show little of his work. With only one interception and 4 sacks you'd say he does produce a lot, he does. If he's not getting the sack, he's forcing it, if he isn't getting an interception, he's bothering his man.. The reason why he doesn't get more picks it's, like I said,  the fact that he can't read the QB. One of his flaws. On the other hand you can see his return game has vastly improved in 3 seasons finishing with 310 total yards and 1 touchdown.

Next up I'll show you some videos on some of his positives and explain them to you.

Here you can see Peppers adjust to the play and make the takle.

Here's Peppers man to man against the slot receiver

You can always put Peppers as a make shift running back! He can kinda do it all

Here you can see a great tackle from him

That QB doesn't even know what hit him


 Peppers with a punt return TD

Though, there's a reason why Peppers has fallen in the mock drafts. At one point he was a top 10 pick, while now he's seen as a top 15 / top 20 pick. Here's why :

Here you can see Peppers not helping during the coverage, could have been a big conversion if not for the pass break up.

Another blow coverage by Peppers that gives Colorado the TD

In the end Peppers is a solid addition to any team and I wouldn't mind to see my Seahawks draft him at #26, he's young, fast and good! Of course he's got a lot to improve upon but after the Seahawks drafted Bruce Irvin, KJ Wright and most recently Bobby Wagner, Jabril Peppers could be the next big name in that line that Pete Carroll talked about, he can compete for a spot and be a dangerous return man. Also the fact that he's an hybrid player can only help him find a spot on a team. Michigan utilised him everywhere on the pitch, from QB / RB to Safety and Corner. So he could he could even be a nickel corner and compete with Lane. I'll finalise my thoughts on Peppers with this sentence : it can't go wrong. 

Tell me, did you enjoy this article? If you did drop me a line on twitter @Peter1678 and once again thank you Magnus for your help! I wouldn't have done it without you :) 


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