A Look At The Seahawks Wide Receivers Group.

In 2017 most of the Seahawks fans criticised the quality of the wide receiver core, a lot of drops, lack of separation, and most importantly, most of the times there was a lack of synch between Russell Wilson as his receivers. As of right now I think most Seahawks fans aren’t very hopeful as they’ve just lost Paul Richardson to the Washington Redskins. However they’ve already acquired Marcus Johnson from the Michael Bennett trade and been linked with players like Jordy Nelson (who was recently cut by the Packers to make room for former Seahawk Jimmy Graham) and Jaron Brown (former Cardinal). Those players could bring something to the the table but will they significantly improve the overall quality of the wide receiver core? That’s something I’ll be looking to answer at the end of the article. 

Before I talk about possible signings, let’s look at what the Seahawks have in house.  The first thing that pops out looking at this chart is that this position is actually a bigger need than it …

Should Miami Work Out A Long Term Deal With Landry?

Jarvis Landry has recently been franchise tagged by the Miami Dolphins, they have until July 15th to sign a long term deal, but question is: should they sign him or trade him?
Before we get into his play, I want to state that from the research I’ve been doing I saw that Landry is willing to sign for $14.5 million per year and, bar the incentives, it tells me: sign him up! But has he shown enough to earn that much? Because comparing this contract to Antonio Brown’s there’s only $2.5m difference.
So, is he worth the money? Let’s have a look.

4 years, 4038 yards, 400 receptions in 570 targets (that’s 70,17% of his targets being hauled in), 22 touchdowns, 57 starts over 64 possible games. Jarvis Landry had two 1000+ yards season before this past year. This year he was just 13 yards away from having 3 straight one thousand yards season, and let’s not forget he played without his starting QB, Matt Moore and Jay Cutler played the whole season with Cutler playing 14 out of the 16 games and yet…

Glitter, Glitz, Sparkle, Bliss!

Alexa Biss or Alexis Kaufman was born August 9th 1991 in Columbus, Ohio. In Alexa's early years she enjoyed doing gymnastics, cheerleading, softball, track, and kick boxing. In cheerleading, she reached Division I status in college at the University of Akron. At the tender age of fifteen she suffered a life threatening eating disorder but bodybuilding helped her overcome it. Now she is a WWE superstar and the Raw Women's Champion, this is her fourth reign overall and I expect many more to come!
The reason why Alexa is one of my favourite women is the fact that she’s very good at her job, whether she’s cutting a promo or wrestling, she can wow you with her ability. She’s also an extremely likeable person off camera and that’s something that we’ll all be able to see in Total Divas.

Beginning Of A Goddess

Before she became the evil, mean goddess we have come to know and love she was.....a pixie fairy. I know, I know. Her heel turn was a big forward step for her, she was able to show…

Some Thoughts On The Redskins Game & How Seattle Looks Compared To Last Year

On the 5th of November the Seattle Seahawks fell short in the home game against Washington Redskins.
14-17 was the final score, and for the second week in a row it came down the wire. However the Seahawks LOB couldn’t close out this game allowing Kirk Cousins to have an almost perfect drive. He went 2/3 for 69 yards. It’s impossible to not credit Cousins for his amazing throws in the face of pressure but Coleman and Shaquill Griffin failed us when it mattered the most, but that’s okay though. These games happen!

I wanted to share my thoughts on the game so let’s start with the negatives first. The Seahawks playcalling; more than once Thomas Rawls got 5 or more yards per carry, the Seahawks were establishing the run just like they wanted yet they went away from it. Their “philosophy” of running the ball disappeared in a game where they want to run it. This is even more ridiculous to me given the fact that Russ wasn’t even having a good game throwing several errant passes and being mist…

Ranking Week 1 Seahawks Players

This article will be my opinion on Seahawks players in relation to how they played against the Green Bay Packers.
As you guys know, the Seahawks suffered a gutting loss away at Green Bay in a shocking offensive performance and, I'd say, an A+ defensive performance.
So, I'll be grading most players that played that game from 1 to 10 and I will give a short explanation as to why I gave them that grade.
Let's start on offence:


Russell Wilson: Russ didn't have a great game, I think he had a decent showing, given everything that happened, I think he made enough plays to keep us in the game but there just simply wasn't enough time for him to do what he needed to do. He had two overthrown passes that would have been touchdowns, but again, he didn't set himself like he had to and missed those opportunities, now I believe he'll bounce back, he was a big reason why we stayed in this game, but it's hard for me to give him a good grade. His game stats ar…

Tedric Thompson Scout Report

Evey year the Seahawks look at players with a high upside hoping they hit at the NFL level and Tedric is the latest example of that. The best ball playing safety in the draft came to Seattle and under the tutelage of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, Tedric can become the next big thing in the Seahawks coveted Legion Of Boom.

Tedric Thompson is a 6ft 204lbs Safety that played 4 years at Colorado. Tedric played 46 games for the Buffaloes, racking up a total of 215 tackles (127 solo and 58 assists) with 7.5 being for loss, he had a total of 13 interceptions, 26 pass deflections, and 1 forced fumble. Despite those being solid stats, what really made people realize the solid player Tedric was this past season, he was part of one of the best secondaries in college football in 2016. Colorado got three out of four players selected to the second-team All-Pac-12 team. Thompson made the team after racking up a total of 63 tackles (42 solo and 21 assists) with 3 tackles for loss, 7 interceptions …

Delano Hill Scout Report

After years of ignoring the secondary, the Seahawks took four Dbs in eleven possible picks. Last season's depth was bad with Kelcie McCray and Steven Terrell the Seattle side saw themselves short on quality backups, so to try and stop that from happening they picked safety Delano Hill in the 3rd round. What can we except the young safety from Michigan to do?

Denalo Hill is a 21-year-old 6ft1 215lbs Safety from the University of Michigan. Hill played 32 games in his four college years. In those four seasons, he racked up 117 tackles ( 84 solo, 33 assists) with 7 tackles for loss. He got 3 interceptions with one of those being a pick six, he had 5 pass deflections, 1 fumble recovery and 1 forced fumble. During Hill's senior year he showed us a bit of versatility, lining up pretty much anywhere on the field.

Single high safety

Cover 2 defense (Strong Safety)

Cover 2 defense (Free Safety)

At the line of scrimmage (where he'd normally drop back and play zone)

Outside Corner (v…